Monday, March 31, 2008

Men Who Love Their Wives

This week's cake creations came from the minds of doting husbands. Two husband's wanting to surprise their wives on special occasions.
What screams love more than the carbolicious, sugary goodness of cake?
The first wife recipient has been serving in the Iraq with the Marines for the last 18 months. Her arrival home was a HUGE occasion and her husband celebrated
with a patriotic cake for her welcome home party.
So fun!!
The second love story beings with a Craigslist ad for a couch. When the woman comes to pick up a new couch she picks up a new love as well. To commemorate their special beginning her husband commisioned us to recreate the piece of furniture that kick-started their romance.
Apparently, when the cake was delivered this wife had a hearty laugh!
Here is the picture we had to go off.

How'd we do?

Friday, March 28, 2008

What's Up?

Here's the scoop.

1. Kate and I have been cranking out cakes.... two this week. I'll post pictures soon. They are both funky, fun, creative cakes. I think you'll likey.

2. I have been super busy this week... my week for pre-school co-op amongst other random things I just haven't had a minute to sit down to blog.

3. I'm still hanging around getting over my ear infections and trying to enjoy the pregnancy bliss....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On my mind...

I'm speaking at our RS Birthday Enrichment tomorrow. I have had the topic for about a month now and lots of ideas rolling around my head. I just have a hard time committing and deciding exactly what I want to say.
When Katie called to ask me if I would speak I said "sure." When she told me the topic I just laughed. So here it is -
"Finding relief in life through humor and laughter."
I wonder what people are thinking when they ask you to do these assignments. My theory:
1) you have mastered this skill and they think you could teach people a thing or two
2) you could really use a refresher course in this and giving a talk is the best way to start
Maybe they just look at me and think you have to be crazy or have a great sense of humor to still be standing. I'm leaning towards #2 at this point because I think they all have been reading some whiney pregnant blog posts.
Katie jokingly told me she wanted me to do a standup routine... YEAH cuz that would be so pretty!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Beautiful, right?

Even those "pearls" are edible.

The fondant was Ivory, not white {I don't know if you can tell in the pictures or not}.

This was our first attempt together at a wedding cake and I think it turned out perfect. The bride wanted something totally simple and her colors were ivory & brown and the cornflower blue as an accent. I think the "gem" pins were so adorable. We even had to make those! But they were easy. So everything BUT the ribbon we can take credit for.

Hope she loved it. Hope YOU love looking at it!

This is my favorite picture. I love the chandelier in the background the fact that the trusses match the ribbon. Love the atmosphere.

Close up of the pearls.

Close up of the gem pins.

The package deal.

The side cake was what she wanted to cut into. I can't remember why she wanted it separate. It was yellow cake and filled with chocolate ganache. Yeah, Yum.

Time Out For Wo*ME*n

In case you were wondering my weekend was wonderful. I felt good the entire time, with the exception of being a little tired at times. I did not puke once and nor did I feel like I was going to until about the last few minutes of the ride home. Then I walked in the door and was in the bathroom not so long after... BUT my prayer of being well enough to enjoy my weekend was all I asked for- and that's what I got.

We drove up to Spokane Thursday (Me, Jessica, Carol-Lynn, Marilee- Jess' MIL) night and after checking into our hotel walked across the street to Azteca to enjoy some chicken taquitos and guacamole, cuz that's what hits the spot at 8 at night. Then we literally walked back and went to bed. I was tired. So imagine 4 people and two double beds... it was snug!

Friday morning we got up and headed down to the workshop. All the classes were wonderful and it was amazing to be there. Kaden was totally impressed that I had lunch with Pres. Hinckley's daughter. I left out the part about the working lunch and that 500 people also shared that experience. We heard from Sheri Dew, Wendy Watson-Nelson, Virgina Hinckely-Pearce, and Wayne Boss (he teaches at UC Boulder at the Leeds Business School). I felt so smart, and drained, after leaving all those classes.

The workshop ended at 3:30 and we went to our hotel so I could catch a nap and hang out before the night's session. We ordered in dinner from Chili's and I got crazy with a soup and salad combo. Then we headed over to the Opera House about 6:00. The night started with Mercy River singing and then Chieko Okazaki spoke. She is seriously what I envision Paula A. being lik when she is 82! Right? Then Michael McClean sang/spoke and another guy (whose name I can't remember) spoke. He was really good too. I saw so many people I knew there and it was fun to wonder who you might see at the next bathroom break.

Saturday morning we got up early to head the Opera House for the last time. We heard Mercy River again Hillary Weeks, and tons of other speakers. They were all so good. The coolest part was when they recognized about 20 people for being examples of living a joyful life. They got to stand up and everyone clapped for them. Then they started reading a letter and the tears started flowing because I recognized it as the letter Jeremy and I had written not so long ago. Jeremy had wanted to nominate his mom for the recognition and so we worked hard submitting a letter just hours before the deadline. They emailed us Thursday morning to let us know they would be reading the letter, and it was so hard to keep it a secret all weekend from Carol-Lynn. She was so shocked and cried on the phone to Jeremy as we broke for lunch. It was really awesome. They even made a joke about a "man infiltrating the system" to nominate his mother. They only read 3 letters so we felt pretty awesome that they had chosen ours as one of the few. We rock! Or maybe I should say Carol-Lynn rocks since the letter was all about her! Anyway it was a cool experience to make her day and let 2,000+ other people know how amazing she really is.

We had a few other speakers in the afternoon and then it was time to head home. It seems like it was such a short weekend but so refreshing. I truly felt like my cup was full and I was ready to head back to "my life". I mean, not that it's bad, but it is nice to have a little Time Out.

I came home to happy kids, a clean house and one worn out husband. He even drove to Seattle and back with the kids by himself on Saturday morning. He said the kids loved it.... he just told them they were going to McDonalds. Oh to be little again!! Hope your weekends were just as rejuvinating and if Time Out is coming near you {hint, hint, Abq. in April} you should go!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Rundown

Laundry is running full speed ahead. Jeremy went grocery shopping last night. All 5 tiers of wedding cake are wrapped in fondant. It's raining and I still need to pack. Cell phone and camera batteries are charged. My perscription refill is called in.

Just a quick update before I go.
Wish me luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dis and Dat

Friday is Time Out For Women and I'm in need. I hope I don't puke anywhere embarrasing, and feel well enough to enjoy the fun weekend I'm anticipating.

I had a massage this weekend and it was great. She came to my house and Jeremy took the kids OUT. He returned with not one, but TWO Nestle Crunch Crisps. My hero.

Katie and I finished a baby shower cake this weekend and will start a wedding cake this week. Yay for fun things like cakes! I have pictures, but posting them would require effort and I have none of that today. Link to Kate's pics here.

I see the Dr. today and that is all I am posting about pregnancy because the rest will just be downer debbie talking.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I want to host a piano recital next month for my students. The problem is I don't know where to hold it. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good place? I would love to do it at my house, but all my students have tons of family and my little living room won't hold them all. I have also considered the church, BUT it's seems so blah and none of my students are LDS {not that it matters, but ya know}. Have you had a recital location that you loved or have a fabulous suggestion for somewhere fun? I would love to hear what you think.

On a side note...

With Kaden I loved Butterfingers.
Brynners I loved Almond Joys.
Today I had a Nestle Crunch Crisp. It was heaven. Could be my new favorite...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanna See Something Amazing??

If you are anything like me about 4:40pm you look at the fridge and wonder what you can throw together for dinner tonight.
Check out
Plan on spending a good chunk of time there. You will not regret it.
She is so smart, maybe I'll get organized too!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I added these silver "berries" to spruce this wreath up a bit... I keep thinking it needs something else. Your thoughts?

I Just Found This...

When you wake up to snow there is only one thing to do!