Friday, September 29, 2006

Green butterfly float my way....

A few weeks ago Jeremy and I were discussing how we were so glad we didn't have trouble sleeping. This all transpired through a Lunesta or Ambien commercial, I am unsure of which. Anyway, I guess I didn't knock on wood. The last two nights I have had the worst sleep ever! I am dead tired and yet I still toss and turn all night. I wake up feeling totally unrested and I swear my back has been tweaked by someone with a voo-doo doll claiming revenge for my insensitve sleep comment. What is going on?

Seriously, I wish I could just knock myself out and arise the next morning refreshed after a perfect night of blissful, dream-infused sleep. The worst part in all this is that Brynners has been resting like a rock- what's my problem??

Jeremy says he has no problem sleeping because he doesn't have a guilty conscience. I didn't think I did either- but maybe my psyche is trying to tell me something different. That's the last time a post a complaint about f&t meeting.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Africa anyone

Alright, after having a few days to mull it over I am convinced I need to make a trip to Africa. For the fabulous safari experience you ask? NO, (although I would love that), I am referring to the last two fast & testimony meetings where people have gotten up and referred to the silence of the children in the congregations in Africa. Obvious to anyone in the 6th ward, I must go and learn their secrets. I would love to refrain from whispering death threats into Kaden's ear every other minute, but at this point that is my only strategy to getting through Sacrament meeting. So I guess if anyone else is up for it- lets make a visit to the Nigerian 12th ward.

And another thing....

Who wants to start being my "workout" buddy. After reading the last post- come on I need to start hittin' it hard. 5:30, 6:00, 6:30.............. ANYONE??

I love food and it shows....

Last night as Jeremy and I had the extremely RARE treat of going to dinner with friends we came home with the following lessons learned:

1. We really eat more than we should when we eat out.
2. We really eat more than we should when we eat out, and we are not paying for it.
3. We really need to get together with other couples more often.
4. We really really love the BoneFish Grill and more specifically the Bang Bang Shrimp.
5. I guess we are really deprived since we both spent the ENTIRE day thinking about going to the BoneFish Grill - seriously Jer had the menu up at work most of the day.

I guess this all stems from eating out rarely as I stated before. It is such a rarity that when we do go out our lives and conversation revolve around it for days afterward. So if anyone is wondering we do reccommend the BoneFish Grill.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Illustrate my point further

So here it is 8:49 and I'm wondering why Karen hasn't posted a longer blog. I really was looking forward to settling down for a long blog reading session. Why you might ask? Because being the queen procrastinator I am- I have things to do, so of course that means I should sit around and read about Karens exciting life rather than get a head start on my day. I have about a million loads of laundry and packing to do for 4 people, and Kaden really counts for 2 since he's potty training and still a little unpredictable. Anyway I guess I'll stop the milling about and head upstairs since the washing machine just paged me letting me know he's ready for the next load.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More from the Birthday Patrol...

Making the cake...
A little bit of Paris
"Happy Birthday Brynnlee"
The cutest pink poodle skirt

Here are the highlights from Brynnlee's 1st Birthday. I tried to put more pictures on here, but apparently blogspot couldn't handle the mass amounts of pictures I thought should be plastered on the page. After 4 unsuccessful tries of trying to load them all on here I narrowed it down to these few pictures. We had great food, tons of family and one cute little girl- and a cute little boy who was vying for all the attention he could get....check out the tongue in the cake picture!! Wish you all could have been here, but this, hopefully, is the next best thing.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Its not much, but its a post...

This is for my dearest Karen, who mentioned that my pitiful once a week blog posts just weren't cutting it for her. So being the sweet georgia peach that I am I decided to be a little more dedicated to the cause. Here is an updated post just for you.... now hurry up and show me how to put the counter on my blog so I can confirm that NO ONE is reading it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

To procrastinate, or not to procrastinate

Do I really have a choice? I feel compelled to leave things to the last possible minute. I don't know what I'm thinking half the time, I just assume I am superwoman and can pull everything together in an absurd amount of time. I have other important things to do like compose and check blogs...right? In all reality I just like to disillusion myself into thinking I work fabulously under pressure. It takes all my guilt away. Anyway, now I'm really just rambling to postpone the sugar cookies I've convinced myself would make a great addition to the poodle party. Who in their right minds isn't going to LOVE the bone shaped cookies- I mean seriously.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

She is almost ONE?

So, Brynners (as we like to call her) is rounding the corner toward her first birthday. I can't believe it. I feel like this picture was just taken a few months ago, where she fit so snugly into the crook of my arm- well not exactly in this picture, but nothing is snug on a hospital bed. Anyway I was just browsing through pictures on the computer and found this one, and felt a little twinge of nostalgia for those tiny newborn days. To ease my madness I called a few friends who have recently had babies and was yanked back into the state of loving my toddling baby girl. Hopefully the next 17 years will be just a fun as the first was.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Walking in Washington

OK. I think it is official. Brynnlee has started "consistently" walking. This means attempting more than one jaunt per day. Today she even started walking on her own, ie without a parent holding out their arms for her. So exciting....I tried to get a little video but with 6 crazed kids running around just before naptime, there wasn't much success. I'll let you know if it ever materializes.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

This is an orthodontic emergency!

So if you haven't heard me talk recently, Friday I was fortunate enough to receive along with my bottom braces a lovely "bite plate". Apparently this overbite I have is in need of some serious correction. Now being naieve as I am, I thought this would be not a huge deal, slightly more cumbersome , but hey for Hollywood teeth what you can you expect? You have to give a little and I'm up for the challenge. HOWEVER after trying to wait my 3 hours before eating I was famished. So I sit down only to find that I can no longer eat.

The function of the bite plate is to not let my top teeth overlap my bottom teeth, therefore rendering me incapable of chewing since my molars are miles away from meeting. Lucky for me its Labor Day Weekend... and there is no eating whatsoever involved in this holiday. The upside in all this, the scale has beamed a lower number today than in MANY weeks past.

So bring on the metal appliances. I'll have Hollywood teeth and a Hollywood starved body.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Whats better than Free??

Check the link to the side to receive a coupon for free chocolate if you are interested....