Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thanks for the indulgence...

So the last few posts have been whiney, I know. What can I say? On my list of things I'm good at Pregnancy will NEVER make the cut. I'm fairly confident that I would have been ok being a poineer woman, unless I had to be pregnant. Then I would have dug my own grave, tossed myself in, and pulled the dirt on top. I'm only a fan of the product of pregnancy not the process.

That being said I'm well again.

I got a perscription on Tuesday and the side affects were less than desirable. At one point I walked into the office crying to Jeremy and I think he thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Needless to say we nixed those pills and called the doctor AGAIN to try something new. Now I'm on some pills used for chemotherapy and radiation patients to control nausea. Let me tell you they are a girls best friend- or at least this girls best friend. The down side is that this perscription costs us about $200 just in copays a month. But at this point I'm willing to pay whatever the grim reaper is asking.

Last night at dinner Kaden announced that he had a great idea on how we could change the furniture in his room to fit the baby in there. And then after I put him to bed a few hours later he took a pillow, a blanket, and his very favorite snuggle bear {that he sleeps with every night} and made a bed for the baby on the floor. He is so excited and is convinced that I will be bringing home a little brother named Scott for him any day now. It is so sweet, I hope he's still this excited if in 33 weeks we bring home a little girl.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Health: It's overrated

That's what I keep trying to convince myself... but it's just not working. Last night was yucky and I seriously wanted to call Dr. T to see if he would consider putting me into a medically-induced coma until October. "Just wake me when the baby comes" is sounding not too bad.

This morning, however, has been a little better so maybe I'll hold off for a week or so before I make my "final" decision.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Since everyone was commenting about the tongue loops it got me doubting myself. So I went to the mirror took out all the rubberbands plaguing my mouth and tried to get 4 loops. And you know what I can't do four- I could only do three....

Monday, February 18, 2008

I can't seem to stop the tagging...

10 Years ago...
10 years ago I was finishing my senior year of HS. Crazy for some of you, I know. I was planning my college career around Ricks College and getting ready for Spring Break.

5 things on my list to do today....
1. Celebrate Jer's B-day
2. Celebrate the cancelled piano lessons today
3. Make kabob's for dinner
4. Put on the new matress pad for Brynner's bed
5. hmmm.... that's enough for one day, wouldn't want to over do it!

Snacks I enjoy.....
Cookie dough, lemon berry slushes from SONIC, churros and anything else that keeps me pleasantly plump :)

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire.....
Invest, pay bills, buy a house with an awesome front porch and riverview.

3 bad habits......
1. Forgetting things
2. not checking pockets before laundry (even though I shouldn't have to do it)
3. I'm kind of a yeller, shocker I know!

5 places I have lived.....
1. Solvang, CA
2. Florence, MT
3. Edgewood, NM
4. Idaho Falls, ID
5. Orange County, CA

5 jobs I have had......
1. Factory Brand Shoes
2. Legal Assistant
3. Front Desk Receptionist
4. Telephone surveyor (for 2 weeks)
5. Babysitter extordinaire

5 things people don't know about me.......
1. My friend April and I used to lay on her trampoline or roof and lather up with crisco or baby oil to tan- we were kind of obsessed.
2. I had never eaten at Subway until I was 17.
3. I have never had a speeding ticket, but have been pulled over a few times.
4. I'm addicted to chapstick.
5. I can make four loops with my tongue. I'll post a pic sometime.

I am tagging anyone who wants to play, comment and let me know.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Surprises

I won't hold you in suspense any longer. Well, maybe just for a minute. The day started with me knowing as soon as I hit the last step that there were roses waiting for me. I could smell them even before I came into the kitchen. The morning proceeded with the signature pink pancake breakfast and Valentine's placed on every plate.

The kids loved their candy, Jeremy loved his slippers, and I loved my clock for my piano (so I know when I free from the current lesson) AND the awesome weekend getaway! Jeremy surprised me by booking me a hotel room and purchasing tickets to Time Out for Women in March. I can't wait to go. I'll post the actual page he created for me because it is hilarious but a baby is currently sleeping in my room and I don't want to wake him.

Hope you had lots of love and surprises on your Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Buckled Everyone?

So anyone who knows me knows I don't get out enough to run errands mid-day very often. Today was another story I ventured out and here are some laugh inspiring thoughts from my two favorite kids.

Kaden: "Mom can you please turn off Dave Ramsey?"
Me: It's not Dave Ramsey, it's Glenn Beck but do you want me to turn him off?
Kaden: Yeah.

Brynnlee: Mom, go fast!
Me: I'm going fast.
Brynnlee: Go faster!
Kaden: NO! What? Do you want her to go to jail?

Kaden: I thought we were going to Richland.
Me: For what??
Kaden: Remember? So I could make my "uhposit" at the bank.
Me: Oh, yeah.

I really should get out more often....

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Cake, A Package, and An EMEM Revealed

The finished product. The bottom two layers are fondant and the top is the "smash" cake in buttercream for the sweet 1 year old!

Yes, I sketched, piped and brushed this tiara all by hand. Unfortunately I also broke it pulling it off the wax paper. Frosting can be manipulated and repaired, lucky for me!

See, Brooke, they all have found a good home! Thanks again.

LOVE these letters!

Brynnlee has claimed these magnets and trys to take them everywhere! So cute!

Here are the real answers.... in case you didn't know...

1. How did the husband and I meet? Technically- you could say we were introduced on the internet but we MET at my apartment as he picked up me and my roommates for a weekend of rafting in Jackson Hole.
2. Take a stab at my middle name. Marie
3. Do I have any siblings? If so, how many? Yeah, like 1 brother and 7 sisters...
4. What are my favorite things to do? lay around and do nothing followed closely by snowboarding, wakeboarding, and reading a good book
5. What is my favorite type of music? I like most everything...
6. Am I shy or outgoing? hmmm... I think I'm outgoing but I can be shy once in a while
7. Am I a rebel of a rule follower? Please! I'm a total rule follower.
8. What are some of my special talents (or superpowers)? Keeping cool as a cucumber, or at least pretending to be, even when people make me want to hit myself over the head with a crowbar
9. If I were stranded on an island, what is the one thing I would bring? Lindsay had a great answer with the iphone pulling double duty, but are there any "other's" on the island blocking my internet signal??
10. What is one word that describes me? Ipercool- I don't know what it means..... but it sounds like me right?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Monday Madness

Tomorrow is looking craaazzzyy. Cake assembly starts tomorrow so stay tuned for pics of an adorable (fingers crossed) 1st birthday princess cake.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Complete Me

So you know how husbands and wives are supposed to compliment eachother? We all have strenghts and weaknesses and one can pick up where the other leaves off yada, yada, yada. Jeremy and I have good balance in our marriage and for the most part I appreciate it.

BUT there is one area where I would appreciate a lititle less effort on his part. That would be in the gift giving department. Husbands are supposed to schmucky and forget anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, etc. and never bring flowers and get you a crappy gifts from Wal*Mart at midnight the night before, right? And wives are supposed to be so thoughtful and have pefect gifts ready months in advance.

At our house we have those roles so reversed it is not even funny! It drives me insane. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary I'm determined to do something great and every time I disappoint myself.

Take for instance last night. We were discussing Valentine's Day and Jeremy smugly tells me that he has everything already taken care of for me. Which means he has a super fabulous gift that I'm going to love and he can't help but torture me with this knowledge 9 days before Valentine's Day actually arrives.

"Well that's easy for you cuz you aren't homebound like me." I retort. Yeah, lame comeback. I already know, you don't need to point it out.

"Oh Heather, I didn't even have to leave the house!" he says with a twinkle in his eyes.

OH MY GOSH!!! Can I staple my head to the carpet now?

I'm trying to defend myself and make excuses as to why I will be spending the day before Valentines rushing to get him something AHHHSOME, which will in fact never materialize and I'll be forced to grab something he may or may not even want and he's reminding me that if I was really smart and ingenuitive and a not-so-junky-wife I would figure out that "Where there is a will there's a way". Ok, so he really isn't reminding me of that but I'm guilty enough of said crimes that he doesn't have to, I feel that shame all on my own.

Jer could you stop being so pefectly perfect and just grab me a crappy diamond heart necklace with a teddy bear so I won't feel as bad about the dorky gifts I always seem to drum up?

Seriously! {except the diamond heart necklace part. I actually really DON'T want one of those and will roll my eyes and barf if you come home with one, unless Kaden has already picked it out in which case I will gush over how much I love it and wear it faithfully every Sunday to show him how MUCH I love it.}

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It's Wednesday and that means it's opposite day! {Did you do that in elementary school, or was it just me and my coolness?}

So the point of this meme is for you to answer the questions... and I'll do the laughing. Enjoy!

1. How did the husband and I meet?

2. Take a stab at my middle name.

3. Do I have any siblings? If so, how many?

4. What are my favorite things to do?

5. What is my favorite type of music?

6. Am I shy or outgoing?

7. Am I a rebel of a rule follower?

8. What are some of my special talents (or superpowers)?

9. If I were stranded on an island, what is the one thing I would bring?

10. What is one word that describes me?

Yesterday Rocked

Because I have the best husband who will willingly watch 4 kids so I can go do this here's another link too. And to top it off I got this sweet tidbit !

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tenth Avenue Idol

{Out of towners and anyone else who doesn't know... 10th Avenue is the HS show choir. I would guess about 1/4 of the group is LDS}

Here are a few clips from the Tenth Avenue Idol show that I attended last night. I love going to these, maybe it's just more fun when you acutally know people performing.

Let me remind you that I took these with my camera and we were way in the back... so the video quality is less than stellar but the talent and entertainment quality is always good.

So if one of these kids are combing the Stake Directory in the near future and call begging you to buy a ticket to their next show, go ahead and treat yourself. It's cheaper than a movie and in most cases way more fun!

Here's Kelsie workin' it in the back row to the right (with the gold top on).

Quentin's Solo

This guy?!

Who knew he could sing so well??

I haven't ever heard Quentin sing by himself so I was quite impressed.

Kelsie's Solo

Thanks to Kelsie I had this song running through my head all day today! I never get tired of hearing Kelsie sing, I just love her voice because it is so versatile. Seriously, who else can bust out 70's Superhits and sing EFY ballads beautifully?

Due to Blogger being Blogger I'm uploading her solo later. Watch for it.

The Solo is Finally Uploaded!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Twilight, the Write-Up

* This write up may seem disappointing and random but I'm trying my best to not throw any spoilers out for those who have not read it yet.

I'm finally finished. All three books are under my belt, and stacked on my table to be returned to Tiffani.

So how do you begin a book report again? I can't remember but I think it goes something like this. "I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer... " Ok, I know most of you have been puking on your own due to the flu so I won't try to induce anymore sickness with my horrid writing skills.

This book was so built up in my mind- everyone was talking about it, everyone was reading it and that is why I waited so long to actually dive in. I didn't want to read it and feel like I wasted a bunch of time because it wasn't all that everyone had cracked it up to be. So I did the sensible thing. I set myself up for disappointment just so I would be able to actually make it through all three.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I think the story is fun and the characters, with the exception of Bella, are likeable. That being said I HATE BELLA!! Does anyone out there like her? I'm curious to hear what you have to say on that.

Twlight was a quick, easy read and I actually liked the story line. It's intriguing and little bit odd which is what makes it unique and not a cliche teen novel. The second book by far was my least favorite. It was slow, predictable, drawn out and dare I say boring, but every series has to have a connector, right? I enjoyed the third book but I hate the cliffhangers. So I hope Mrs. Meyer is planning on a 4th, cuz I can't take the loose ends swirling about my head. It's killing me.

So while I would never call this book a literary masterpiece or tell someone they HAVE TO READ it I did think was entertaining and fun. And really, what more do you need? Well, at least in a fiction.

That being said I know many of you may be wondering why I'm not hailing it's praises. And here is what makes the book just *EH* for me:

The main character, the heroine, the damsel in distress, aka Bella. I for some reason just loathe this girl. I don't know why, maybe I just like to be antagonistic. She just annoys me and torments me with her "dumb girlness" throughout the book. I don't know if I can explain in in words (well I probably can, but I'm too lazy to type it all out) so if you want the real scoop just call me up. Basically I don't like her because I think she is weak, selfish and just a "dumb girl". Sorry if I'm offending anyone out there, I'm really not trying to be mean but I just can't get over the fact that she is so lame. OK, enough about her.

AND the clincher. Words I could live without hearing ever again in my life because they were used so often in 1700+ pages of Meyers writing:


And the burning question of which "team" I am on. I'm all for Edward's character. Jacob? Seriously Randi, what WERE you thinking? :)

BUT if you can look past my petty annoyances with this book you might find yourself oddly engrossed in a world of vampires and werewolves and strangly enough- enjoying it. I did.