Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It's Wednesday and that means it's opposite day! {Did you do that in elementary school, or was it just me and my coolness?}

So the point of this meme is for you to answer the questions... and I'll do the laughing. Enjoy!

1. How did the husband and I meet?

2. Take a stab at my middle name.

3. Do I have any siblings? If so, how many?

4. What are my favorite things to do?

5. What is my favorite type of music?

6. Am I shy or outgoing?

7. Am I a rebel of a rule follower?

8. What are some of my special talents (or superpowers)?

9. If I were stranded on an island, what is the one thing I would bring?

10. What is one word that describes me?


Sarah said...

Ok, totally just guessing on some of these:
1. You met at BYU Idaho
2. Marie
3. 7 siblings?
4. Outdoor recreation
5. Country
6. You are outgoing
7. You are a closet rebel
8. I would say superpowers. Cake decorating, running races, sewing, driving for record breaking amounts of time
9. your cell phone

JustRandi said...

1. in the changing area at a triathalon
2. elizabeth
3. 2 of each
4. well, BLOG of course, and run
5. I'm going with country. That or polka.
6. shy
7. rule follower
8. canning, cake decorating, cutting to the heart of the problem to see what's really going on.
9. your computer. Can you imagine the blogging material?

Marilyn said...

Ok, I am going for gold here!

1. Baskin Robbins
2. Julie
3. yes, 3
4. be perfect
5. whatever Marilyn puts on a cd for you
6. totally outgoing
7. rebel, you rock!
8. perfection, see #4
9. a cell phone
10. perfect

Kris said...

Don't know you that well, but I'm willing to play the game.

1. in the cafeteria at BYU
2. Molly
3. 8
4. sell scentsy, run marathons, exercise, and make awesome cakes.
8. sewing your daughters Halloween costume
9. One of your cakes that you decorated, so you won't be hungry!
10. Friendly

Oh and I loved opposite day in grade school! This was fun!

Lindsay said...

Eek! I'm always so bad at these.

1. on the internet, then he invited you and your friends to go rafting
3.Hmm, 2 older and 3 younger? I just remember it's like you have 2 separate families.
4.spend time with your family...and the Bates
5.a bit of everything
6. outgoing
7.rule follower...if you agree with the rules!
8.sewing, cake decorating, canning, gardening, your friendliness, and quick-wit.
9. an iphone--then you could have a phone and a computer...look at me..always thinking.

Kristen said...

1. AOL baby....while at BYU-I and Jeremy was in Boise. Nothing like an internet romance (the only thing better is a Wal-mart romance).

2. Marie.....or should I call you Joanie for short.

3. One brother (whom I love dearly) and seven sisters!

4. Blog, cook, watch other peoples kids, but I think just mostly crafty stuff.

5. Country..or Celine Dion.

6. Both I say. Depends on the situation and those involved.

7. Rebel all the way!!

8. More things than can be counted. Really, just look at your blog history.

9. Jeremy...I hope.

10. Crafty

Jan said...

l.In the ER
4.Making others laugh
5.Bum Rock
6.Shy but forces to be outgoing
7.Rebel inside follower when watched
8.You can tell any event in Britney Spears life by date.
9.People Magazine

Jessica said...

I'm saying ditto to Kristin, except for #3, I mean your brother's cool and all but I can't say that I love him dearly!

And to #8 I would add memory, you even remember stuff from my childhood that I don't, How do you do that?

Kristen said...

I think you need to fill Jessica in on why I love your brother so much!!!!

Jessica said...

Kristen, I know you are married to him, that's why you love him so much! I was just saying that I was repeating all your answers (since I'm pretty sure all of the are right) EXCEPT for #3 cause I don't think it would be right to say that I loved your hubby dearly.....lol.

jchristensen said...

I am ashamed to admit how uncertain I am on most of these, but I know you'll forgive me. Like I've said before, I have no memory for details since I had kids!
1. While you were at BYU-I
2. Is it Marie?
3. I know you have a lot, but I don't think it's as many as I have, SO... 9? Mostly sisters.
4. Blog, blog, blog. Oh, and can, can, can! J/K You are very creative and you have been spending a lot of time with frosting lately.
5. I guess I would say alternative rock because that's usually what I hear on your ringtones, but I don't know that we've ever discussed music that much.
6. I think you are the PERFECT blend of shyness and outgoingness. You know when to talk and when to listen and EVERYONE likes you. How could they not?
7. Mostly a rule follower, but you definitely are more of a spirit of the law person than a letter of the law.
8. You, to me, are SUPERMOM! I think you are so patient, easygoing, mellow, compassionate, sensitive, creative, empathetic, non-judgmental, etc. etc. I could go on forever, but I might start crying. I love you, Heather!
9. Jeremy?
10. Ipercool! There's some Italian for you!

Lauren said...

On Wednesdays in jr. high we would have "scrub day"...me and my friends would wear jammies haha!

1. You met at a Jamba Juice. He overheard you ordering the exact same smoothie he was going to order, and then asked if could pay for your smoothie...the rest is history.
2. Anne
3. 3 sisters and one brother?
4. read, scrapbook, blog
5. Kelly Clarkson...or awesome stuff.
6. outgoing!
7. in between?
8. Being insanely nice to everyone
9. Me, because my use of the word "foolish" makes you happy inside.
10. Awesome!

Movie Queen said...

1. You met whilst competing in the Amateur Glass Blowers Olympics.
2. ABCDE (pronounced Absiddy)
3. You have a twin sister you've never met...you were separated at birth
4. Watch court TV, collect ceramic troll dolls and play the bagpipes
5. tribal music
6. I'd say shygoing
7. yes
8. Sword-fighting, horse-whispering, and of course you do all your own stunts
9. Your alcohol monitor ankle bracelet
10. piquant (look it up)

Okay, so your sis-in-laws already filled in all the right answers, so I figured I'd have fun with it.

Tharker said...

I think Alicia should take the cake on this one!!!