Friday, February 1, 2008

Twilight, the Write-Up

* This write up may seem disappointing and random but I'm trying my best to not throw any spoilers out for those who have not read it yet.

I'm finally finished. All three books are under my belt, and stacked on my table to be returned to Tiffani.

So how do you begin a book report again? I can't remember but I think it goes something like this. "I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer... " Ok, I know most of you have been puking on your own due to the flu so I won't try to induce anymore sickness with my horrid writing skills.

This book was so built up in my mind- everyone was talking about it, everyone was reading it and that is why I waited so long to actually dive in. I didn't want to read it and feel like I wasted a bunch of time because it wasn't all that everyone had cracked it up to be. So I did the sensible thing. I set myself up for disappointment just so I would be able to actually make it through all three.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I think the story is fun and the characters, with the exception of Bella, are likeable. That being said I HATE BELLA!! Does anyone out there like her? I'm curious to hear what you have to say on that.

Twlight was a quick, easy read and I actually liked the story line. It's intriguing and little bit odd which is what makes it unique and not a cliche teen novel. The second book by far was my least favorite. It was slow, predictable, drawn out and dare I say boring, but every series has to have a connector, right? I enjoyed the third book but I hate the cliffhangers. So I hope Mrs. Meyer is planning on a 4th, cuz I can't take the loose ends swirling about my head. It's killing me.

So while I would never call this book a literary masterpiece or tell someone they HAVE TO READ it I did think was entertaining and fun. And really, what more do you need? Well, at least in a fiction.

That being said I know many of you may be wondering why I'm not hailing it's praises. And here is what makes the book just *EH* for me:

The main character, the heroine, the damsel in distress, aka Bella. I for some reason just loathe this girl. I don't know why, maybe I just like to be antagonistic. She just annoys me and torments me with her "dumb girlness" throughout the book. I don't know if I can explain in in words (well I probably can, but I'm too lazy to type it all out) so if you want the real scoop just call me up. Basically I don't like her because I think she is weak, selfish and just a "dumb girl". Sorry if I'm offending anyone out there, I'm really not trying to be mean but I just can't get over the fact that she is so lame. OK, enough about her.

AND the clincher. Words I could live without hearing ever again in my life because they were used so often in 1700+ pages of Meyers writing:


And the burning question of which "team" I am on. I'm all for Edward's character. Jacob? Seriously Randi, what WERE you thinking? :)

BUT if you can look past my petty annoyances with this book you might find yourself oddly engrossed in a world of vampires and werewolves and strangly enough- enjoying it. I did.


Megan said...

Well, you aren't the last to read them. . .I have all three sitting on my shelf that my mom sent over. I haven't cracked them yet! I think I too am thinking, "Are they really that great?" Beside, I haven't found a minute to read (If I try, I always fall asleep) Someday. . .

Jessica said...

I haven't read them either, I ditto megan.....someday.....maybe

tmoon said...

Heather, I stumbled on your blog months ago, but have never commented. Ironically I finished the last book yesterday. I agree with a lot of what you said, though I am not sure about your dislike for Bella. I liked her because she was unique. Not a typical teenage girl. It was fun to read your take and I have enjoyed getting to know you better through your blog.

Holly Homemaker said...

Believe it or not, I've never even heard of them. I don't get much time to read, but when I do, I want it to be a book worth my time. Maybe I could fit these in somewhere.

Movie Queen said...

I liked your review a lot. I agree with everything you said, although I don't dislike Bella quite as much as you, (Don't get me wrong, she still bugs the crud out of me.) and the books were way better than "eh" for me.

I very much enjoyed your list of words you never want to read again. It's SO TRUE! But I have to add "angel's face" to it. Thanks for your thoughts on the books!

Brooklet said...

Right on about Bella- she drives me nuts and I was thinking about why I don't like her so much- I think its because she is absolutely opposite me, not necessarily me, but what my ideal heroine is. She constantly does stupid selfish things, and in the third book- what's up with what she is doing to Edward and Jacob- so not cool, or fair to either of them. I got real tired of the, 'he looked at me and I couldn't breath'. Though the story does have me hooked and waiting to see what happens in Book 4.

Lacey said...

Hi Heather! We seem to have the same feelings for the books. I would love to see the movie, but more out of curiosity than actually HAVING to see it. I thought Bella's character was shallow in the literary sense. Most of the time I wanted to scream, "Wake up, Bella! No one can be that naive!"

I am all for Jacob though. Someone warm and comfortable over someone cold and distant.

Heather said...

Well I'm feeling really validated about Bella now. Yay me.

Lacey funny that you though Edward was distant... Jacob was too manipulative and childish to me.

I love hearing your opinions so keep them coming!

hatch said...

I felt the same way you do about Bella. She got on my nerves so bad that I had a hard time even reading book three. I think she is so selfish and annoying. I have so specific things that really annoy me, but I do not want to spoil anything for anyone. We will have to talk sometime.

Tharker said...

I feel the same way about Bella, but I also think it's important to remember that she's SEVENTEEN. What 17 year old girl is not selfish is some way? Although, I hated her for flip flopping so much between Edward and Jacob in Eclipse too.

I totally agree with you on your list of words that are used way too often. I won't be offended if she doesn't use any of them in the 4th book. Yes, there is a 4th book, and it comes out next fall.

By the way, I got the Scentsy stuff, and I cannot wait until tomorrow morning, when I can start making my house smell so yummy! Thank you very much!

debsters said...

Great review. You seriously have a talent for writing. My problem with books is, I start to read and the world could come crashing down around me and I couldn't care less. I have to limit myself, but the great review makes it tempting: I'll get to it some day.

Lauren said...

Oh man, here I go to write my very long reply...

I thought I was the only person, other than my mom that didn't like Bella. I think she is a complete idiot. She does do some pretty heroic things, but I wouldn't ever consider her a strong character. Stephenie Meyer does a good job creating a teenage character with self esteem issues up the wazoo but I just don't enjoy reading about her.

I kinda got sick of all of those words too...but then again, they were coming out of Bella's of course I got annoyed. I can't wait to read Twilight from Edward's perspective because the preview chapter on Meyer's website is way better than Bella's perspective. He doesn't use ridiculous words all the stinkin time!!!

All in all, I love you because you are on Team Edward haha.

JustRandi said...

I'm with you on the Bella thing. I kept looking for her redeeming qualities, and couldn't find any.

You're right, she should go with Edward. That leaves WARM, selfless, caring Jacob free to find a real girl.

(Honestly, it's been so long since I read them I can't remember why I picked Jacob. Something to do with her having a more normal life, and being able to have children.)

JustRandi said...

Also the fact that I am always cold, and I would so rather live with somebody warm.

"Vern" said...

I know this book was intended for teenagers, but I always have a hard time with any kind of book that propagates the falling in love for eternity and I will jump off any bridge you tell me to (or in this case, reveal my neck to you if you ever get hungry) at the ripe age of 16. Bella drove me insane - I was sick of hearing how unattractive she was! And I was so sick of reading the same exact dialog every time they tried to kiss. Please. Let them make out for crying out loud!!! It made me...are you ready for your favorite line?...want to rub my butt with a brick. And YET, I still read all three. Whatever.

kristen said...

Great review. I thought Bella was ok in the first, except for her constant whining. By the third book I was so annoyed with her flip-flopping that it got to the point where I was like "What the crap are you doing?!" Yeah, you know the scene.

The second book dragged a little for me too, but like you said--there's got to be a connector.

And oh how I love Edward.

Can't wait for the 4th installment.

Holly said...

Perfectly said...not the best writing but a fun story. Bella drove me absolutely mad! I just wanted to shake her and say , "Get it together!"

Heather said...

Vern seriously, how do you work my favorite line into every conversation.... you are a miracle worker! I wish I would have thought to include butt rubbing with a brick into my review.

Tiff I'm glad you are willing to give Bella some slack, because I can. Seriously I don't care how old you are if you are that annoying I can't take you!

Brooklet said...

If we are suppose to give her slack for being 17, then why are we suppose to buy into her idea of immortal love with Edward- if she is such an idiot, I am not thinking she's quite ready for that!

Heather said...

I meant CANT.

OOOO.... good one Brookers!

Sarah said...

I'll add my two cents to the mix:

Bella: Could she be any more accident prone and helpless? I wanted to scream through the book every time she got hurt and tried to act like she was really tough. Not my favorite character.

Edward: I like that his jealous side started to come out a little bit in the third book. I was starting to think that the author was making him too perfect and he needed to have some flaws. Although a certain part in the third book where he has to endure the scene between Bella and Jacob is a little too unbelievable. Wait, we're talking about mythical creatures. It's all unbelievable.

Jacob: I actually really like his character. I think he is portrayed as the perfect teenage boy. He keeps trying to get the girl he likes even though she already has a boyfriend. He's reckless and easy going and a bit selfish and immature. Pretty normal guy stuff.

I liked your review Heather, can't wait for that 4th book.

Melissa said...

Well, I still haven't read these. I am in the same boat of "maybe someday". I am thinking of getting the first one for my sister who is one of those hopeless romantics :)
By the way - I am going to email you about recovering that chair... this week has been a pain in the butt and it's only Tuesday :S

Anonymous said...

I knew it! I haven't gotten to the part where they reveal the werewolves, but that's what I figured. I'm annoyed by Bella,too. In fact, even her name annoys me. Everytime it's mentioned, it seems wrong, like it doesn't fit her. I do like Edward, but I don't understand why he's in love with her. I also like Jacob, but for different reasons. I haven't gotten to the flip-flopping in the third book yet, but I have to say that I was a flip-flopper in my teenage day too. I never could make up my mind. It almost seems like she has to choose between two very different things, but yet two sides of her own self. I looked at the actors they've cast for Bella and Edward. I think they did a pretty good job with Bella, but Edward? Not even close to beautiful enough!

Reba said...

Heather--I totally love your blog. You're hilarious!

Not sure why I picked this post to comment on, but since I'm here, I might as well tell you that I, too, hate Bella.

And thanks for "getting" my post about things I'm scared of. I was trying to be funny . . . y'know, like you taught us in relief society.