Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trunk or Treat - UT style

Here are the pictures from the Trunk or Treat! Kaden and Brynnlee had tons of fun with their cousins, Ethan and Jensen. Can you believe Jensen is 2 months younger than Brynnlee? The kid is a tank with a capital "T". And then there is our daughter, who could pass off for the poster child for starving children in Utah, good thing she's cute!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Weddings.....don't do it!!

We just returned home after a very busy weekend in Utah. My younger sister was getting married and needless to say I worked like crazy. I think quite possibly I was the only one who realized how much HAD NOT been done when we got down there. But it all worked out- and they got married. And I showed some sweet skill putting together the flowers a few hours before the wedding. When I get some pictures- I'll post of the wedding and of the trick or treating we did down there. Kaden and Brynnlee looked so adorable, both nights! Glad to be home- now start updating your blogs!! :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Build a Monster???!!!!

Doesn't that boy look happy? Thats what weeks and weeks and weeks of hard work trying to stay dry and keeping up on a chore chart gets ya!! He was so excited to go to "Build a Bear" and then once we got there he was obsessed with the monster they had there. Jeremy and I really tried hard to get him to choose the most adorable monkey- but to no avail! He was getting that monster. IT was pretty cute, and hey, he did do all the hard work! Great job Kaden, maybe I need to create a chore chart for myself so I can bring home that monkey!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Last Monday we headed out to the pumpkin patch on a quest for the perfect pumpkin. We found a couple of good ones, and had a ton of fun. Brynnlee was really excited and tried to trapse around the pumpkin patch but didn't manage between the vines to well. We'll post the pics when we get our Jack-o-lanterns carved.

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been a while

So from some kindly nudging last night I realized that it really had been a while since my last post. I wouldn't want all my faithful blogging pals to stop checking my blog entirely because of my neglect.

So much has happened since the last time that I don't even know where to start. I had a chicken pox scare with Kaden, but I think maybe he just isn't washing his face as well as I thought. Brynnlee still has a cold lingering from three weeks ago and today is the official day I can call the doctor to get some antibiotics.

This morning I came into the kitchen only to find it had turned into the war torn country of "Honey Bunches of Oats". I'm not sure how 1 cup of cereal can cover the entire table and most of the surrounding floor. It really is quite amazing- I think it is probably the same concept as the loaves and fishes. Kaden is going through a dry cereal phase (no milk, please) so I just swept it all up, lucky for me.

It is also Friday which means its cleaning for me which consists normally of doing laundry, bathrooms and general scrubbing in the kitchen. BUT since we are going to Seattle this weekend and then on to Utah- everything has to be taken care of on top of having three extra kids today.

Sorry I have been so lax on the blogging, I know how much it means to all of you. I really do, I just wish I had some better material to write about. Hopefully this can tide you over until my jet-setting weekend kicks in.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A little love please

OK. So today I emailed the administrator of "The Mommy Times" to complain that I was upset about not winning any of the prizes they advertise monthly. I really asserted myself, trying to take a lesson from Kim who always takes charge of the situation!

Does it really matter that the administrator of "The Mommy Times" is my former neighbor and good friend from college? No. I gave that girl a piece of my ever-lovin mind. Not really, but hey it was a fun way to shoot her an email, and give a not so subtle hint that I really want to win some of the awesome stuff they have advertised!

Well BJ sweetly emailed me back and let me know that the reason I'm not winning is that I don't have any referral points, and those have a HUGE bearing on your chances of winning. I know you have seen link on the side of my blog for the last few months....so how about swinging in and typing my email address in when you sign up to win! You'll do us both a huge favor!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Never Give Up!!

Today while driving in the car home from church Jeremy was asking about his talk, did it make sense, did it flow, etc.

Kaden pipes in "Dad I saw you up there!". We chatted about Daddy being on the stand and then Jeremy throws out the clincher.

"What did Daddy talk about?"

The automatic response "I don't know."

Jeremy and I just smile at each other and laugh....big surprise since he was tracing the cinderblock wall or staring at the Meyer's and Johnson's behind us most of the time.

"Daddy did you talk about leaders today?"

What??? Shock registers on both of our faces! Our child is getting something more than a playdate and a snack out of church. That makes it all worth it. I might not be getting a lot out of sacrament some Sundays, but its nice to know that Kaden might be!

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Amazing Race

Wednesday Jared Bates created a super-fabulous mutual activity. I think all the kids had a ton of fun, I must say it was some of the most fun I've had at mutual in a while. And maybe Jared should apply for a job making the clues on the real "Amazing Race". They were pretty impressive.

I consider myself a pretty good driver. I have a good sense of direction and can hold my own behind the wheel. However, all things change when you are driving around Pasco trying to not be eliminated. I seriously was the worst driver ever!! Making wrong turns, not being able to manuever, not knowing how to get to peoples houses I've been to a million times before, a sad display of my abilities. It was pathetic. Some mistakes I can blame on my navigator Quentin, but most I must take full responsibility for. By the way, anyone wanting a fun drive after church we discovered a great round about located in Riverview Estates! What is it that makes you totally an airhead driver when there is a first place prize on the line- not to mention refreshments?

In case you are wondering our team (#3) came in second place. Rather than my driving though, I place blame solely on the clay pigeons. They were no where to be found in that field!! And I didn't even get to use the awesome flashlight I brought. However, with a fabulously quick FHE, Quentin slammin down the Jell-o concoction, my spelling expertise, and great kids who know the Articles of Faith (and a kind Sister Wilson who is willing to let A LOT slide) we pulled out a not to shabby performance. I hope someone was taking pictures!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Does it get any better

Ok, I just had to post these super cute pics of Brynners. This was taken on Saturday while we were cleaning out the last bits of produce from Scott and Carol-Lynn's garden. She was so good, I just wish she would smile more. She's a little on the sober side, totally unlike big brother Kaden. That kid will smile at anything- making picture taking a breeze.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Cheap or Chic, you decide.

If you haven't already seen the pics.... here are some updated ones. So, yeah, I'm a multitasker and got Brynnlee's 1 year, Kadens 3 year, Halloween and siblings pictures all in one! I even amaze myself somedays!


47 Quarts and counting

Thanks for checking in after my short sabbatical from blogging. I have been furioiusly working to get all the grapes hanging out in my garage processed into grape juice (about 200 lbs worth). I'm happy to report that it is finished- all 47 quarts- and it didn't take nearly as long as I had anticipated. SO, in order to celebrate my accomplishment today I will be treat myself a fund day of cathcing up on the laundry that I neglected to fold and then delving right back into canning the two huge boxes of apples! Any takers?!

Thursday, October 5, 2006


Last night as I was pressing cider with the YW I was just thinking about all the memories I have of Fall. I don't know why I love it so much but I just do. Its a totally magical time for me. I love canning grape juice (which I'll be doing this weekend if anyone wants to join), the "sweater weather", making apple cider, pumpkin patches, Halloween - home made doughnuts! Its all great.

I mentioned to my friend who lives in Virginia that I have always wanted to go to the East Coast one fall. I have this romantic notion of New England in the fall.... you know the quiant little pictures and articles you read in Better Homes and Gardens about the harvest, maple syrup making, hayrides, the leaves changing. I want to experience that. I guess it is just my "country style" as Rebecca would call it coming out. She lovingly tells me I have Grandma taste (I hope I'm not really an 80 year old in a semi-functional 26-year old body). Be that as it may, this year the cross country trip is definitely out-but there is always next year! So I'll enjoy my Pasco fall. After all, this IS where my best memories of fall have been made.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Do you really want to know...

Well Tiff wanted me to post about "The Dream". Really there isn't much to post. It was a totally random and fairly lame dream. Here you go:

I was late to school (and by that I mean moving in)- so of course I'm going to get stuck with the one really annoying, weird, roommate you always have in your apartment. Well, it turns out I have two of those types of girls in our apartment and, glory of all glories, they have chosen to share a room. So that leaves Meridith all by herself and by default my roommie. I was just getting things unloaded when - enter Kaden and blinding light. So there it ends. No juicy gossip. Just plain old boring mind ramblings. If something good comes up tommorrow night with no interruptions I'll let you know.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

It's 2:30 please wake up!!

As you all may know I have had slight difficulty sleeping the last week. So last night as I finally am getting some rest, the light in my bathroom flips on. I assume it is Jeremy and in my groggy state I roll over trying to avoid the glare thats quickly burning my retinas. The next thing I hear is "MOM - I need help!" I jump out of bed to find Kaden in our bathroom proclaiming he needs to go potty as he is jumping up and down. So, after quickly helping him I tuck him safely back into his own bed. Mission accomplished with no major drama.

I walk the ten steps back to my bedroom all the while wondering 'What was that all about??' First of all, Kaden never wakes up to use the bathroom- so why he suddenly trapses into our bathroom and flips on the light really perplexes me. Why he didn't just wake me up first? Secondly, he never is proactive during the daytime- so why all of the sudden is he being responsible enough to climb out of a warm bed and walk into my bathroom in the middle of the night? Hmmmm.....

Whatever-- Its 2:30. I'll probably never figure Kaden , or any other child, out no matter how long I try. I just smile that I don't have to change the sheets and go back to sawing logs and return to random dreams - such as me and Meridith Harker being roommates at Ricks. But that's a whole other post in and of itself.....

Monday, October 2, 2006

Good or Bad....

So normally I would post all the adorable birthday pics from Kaden's big day yesterday. Unfortunately my doting mother skills don't extend that far. I did the video camera- I can't do two things at once. So if anyone in the family will email me their pics (ie: Jer's parents) I'll happily post them for you. As of right now you will just have to invision the adorable curious george theme- YELLOW everywhere. Even down the the sunflowers 'fresh from our garden'- I feel so accomplished saying that! I really am a doting mother aren't I?