Friday, October 13, 2006

The Amazing Race

Wednesday Jared Bates created a super-fabulous mutual activity. I think all the kids had a ton of fun, I must say it was some of the most fun I've had at mutual in a while. And maybe Jared should apply for a job making the clues on the real "Amazing Race". They were pretty impressive.

I consider myself a pretty good driver. I have a good sense of direction and can hold my own behind the wheel. However, all things change when you are driving around Pasco trying to not be eliminated. I seriously was the worst driver ever!! Making wrong turns, not being able to manuever, not knowing how to get to peoples houses I've been to a million times before, a sad display of my abilities. It was pathetic. Some mistakes I can blame on my navigator Quentin, but most I must take full responsibility for. By the way, anyone wanting a fun drive after church we discovered a great round about located in Riverview Estates! What is it that makes you totally an airhead driver when there is a first place prize on the line- not to mention refreshments?

In case you are wondering our team (#3) came in second place. Rather than my driving though, I place blame solely on the clay pigeons. They were no where to be found in that field!! And I didn't even get to use the awesome flashlight I brought. However, with a fabulously quick FHE, Quentin slammin down the Jell-o concoction, my spelling expertise, and great kids who know the Articles of Faith (and a kind Sister Wilson who is willing to let A LOT slide) we pulled out a not to shabby performance. I hope someone was taking pictures!!


tharker said...

Sounds fun. From what Lindsay said, you guys almost didn't have the Jell-O concoction. Apparently Carson was pretty interested in the Cheerios floating in the Jell-O! Sounds like Jared's activity was a big hit!

PRP said...

I'm so bummed I missed it! Of all the nights for PHS to have their open house....!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing harder than anyone right now because team #4 (Kendra, Kortney, Joe, and his sidekick) were honestly wondering why I was driving so crazy and I was like "Serously? You don't want to win?" The blank stares on their faces said it all! I supppose it was my true inner competivitive self comming out in a very non law abiding way.

And all that for what...... 1 dirty car and 5 million goathead stickers in my tires, and we didn't even win!


Lindsay said...

How funny! I think I would have loved to see each car driving around Pasco!

Heather said...

That makes me feel so much better, but I can't believe your team wasn't excited to win!