Monday, October 23, 2006

Build a Monster???!!!!

Doesn't that boy look happy? Thats what weeks and weeks and weeks of hard work trying to stay dry and keeping up on a chore chart gets ya!! He was so excited to go to "Build a Bear" and then once we got there he was obsessed with the monster they had there. Jeremy and I really tried hard to get him to choose the most adorable monkey- but to no avail! He was getting that monster. IT was pretty cute, and hey, he did do all the hard work! Great job Kaden, maybe I need to create a chore chart for myself so I can bring home that monkey!!


Stacia said...

He DOES look so happy! What a fun reward for him! And you can scrapbook it and when he's older he will know he WORKED for that monster!

Jackie B. said...

Wow! What a happy kid! Good job Kaden! Christmas is coming up, maybe the monkey can be your present this year. :)

Lindsay said...

That is a great idea...I think I should get a chore chart with a super cool reward at the very end. Maybe it could be like a Caribbean cruise, or new car, or clothes shopping money. The list could go on and on. Jared might finally get a motivated housewife!