Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been a while

So from some kindly nudging last night I realized that it really had been a while since my last post. I wouldn't want all my faithful blogging pals to stop checking my blog entirely because of my neglect.

So much has happened since the last time that I don't even know where to start. I had a chicken pox scare with Kaden, but I think maybe he just isn't washing his face as well as I thought. Brynnlee still has a cold lingering from three weeks ago and today is the official day I can call the doctor to get some antibiotics.

This morning I came into the kitchen only to find it had turned into the war torn country of "Honey Bunches of Oats". I'm not sure how 1 cup of cereal can cover the entire table and most of the surrounding floor. It really is quite amazing- I think it is probably the same concept as the loaves and fishes. Kaden is going through a dry cereal phase (no milk, please) so I just swept it all up, lucky for me.

It is also Friday which means its cleaning for me which consists normally of doing laundry, bathrooms and general scrubbing in the kitchen. BUT since we are going to Seattle this weekend and then on to Utah- everything has to be taken care of on top of having three extra kids today.

Sorry I have been so lax on the blogging, I know how much it means to all of you. I really do, I just wish I had some better material to write about. Hopefully this can tide you over until my jet-setting weekend kicks in.


Jackie B. said...

I am a daily checker of all my friends i have been dying to hear what is happening in your fun filled lives. ;) don't worry we all aren't the best at daily blogging. Have a fantastic trip. Can't wait to see pictures and hear about the adventures. If you go through Rexburg, i'd love to see you.

Heather said...

We are going to Seattle and then Utah, so not really Rexburg...but we always like to make it to IF to see family, so I'll call you when we do!