Wednesday, April 30, 2008

24 (-4) Things about Me

20 Things About Me - I nixed the "who you think will respond" part because its not really giving any details about you, and no one could figure out if it was a tag or what. So...

4 Places I Go Over and Over
Walmart (I'm considering setting up VT appts there)
the bank
t-ball practice/games
the orthodontist

4 People Who Email Me

4 of my Favorite Foods
Prime Rib
hot and salty fries
Bang Bang shrimp

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
At the hospital giving birth
a day spa
any beach with warm water
somewhere with a personal chef

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Steel Magnolias
Tommy Boy
Home Alone

I'm not in a tagging mood today so take the initiative and post your facts on your blog if you wanna play.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Against My Policy

I know. I don't share pictures of the kids on here. But I thought this one might be ok...

To see what is currently making Jeremy and I smile have a little click here.

This week is supposed to be sunny and warm! Finally, I can get all the plants off my kitchen counter and into the ground!

April Wrap-up

72 hours later I finally figured out how to compress this video so blogger would let me upload it. I am a happy girl today- I haven't lost all my brain cells with this pregnancy!

Kaden has been working VERY hard to memorize the Articles of Faith. He set a goal to finish by the end of the year... I think he may finish early. There's a little distraction during #4 but he actually knows it, I promise.

Brynnlee has been enjoying the nice weather and any opportunity to eat ice cream!

Baby is just chillin' until October.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Even the "Eastside" Has Its Issues

Remember April the birthday girl? Well I finally caught up with her on the phone yesterday and we had a fabulous 2-hour conversation. Most the of the conversation was pleasant. However, there was one piece of disturbing information I could NOT get out of my head. It seriously made my stomach sick to think about it.

April lives in a beautiful neighborhood (I've never been there but I'm sure it's awesome) in Northeast Mesa that was built on what used to be orange groves. So she has like 8 orange trees in her yard and two grapefruit trees. Heaven, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought up until the point that she explained scorpions infest their neighborhood every spring and summer. Worse yet, these suckers can magically fit themselves into any space the size of a credit card... yes, a CREDIT CARD. That means they sneak through windows, doors, and even crawl between the stucco on houses. So, basically your house is open season. She finds them all the time and says people most often get stung at night in their own beds. (Gag me now!)
Killing them is also no easy task. April told me she doesn't feel safe unless she decapitates them because sometimes if you "squish them they just puff back up". Can you imagine? Arizona just lost some of its appeal to me during yesterday's conversation.

Sorry if this freaks you out, but I didn't want to be the only up at night stressing about this.


Monday, April 21, 2008

The Long and the Short of It

I had a Dr's appointment today.
I went in for the genetic test they do between 9-13 weeks.
They do an ultrasound and draw a bunch of blood.
Jeremy was on "kid duty", so I went alone.
No big deal, it's just a test and a follow-up....
Until they start the ultrasound and tell you they can't do the test.
"Ummm... the baby is measuring 16 weeks. It's too big so we can't do the test."
WHAT?!? I'm like 3 weeks ahead of schedule now?
Then the clincher.
"Are you interested in the sex of the baby?"
Uhhh... yeah.
Jeremy's not here.
"I want to know but I should probably wait until my husband can be here too. I don't want him to be disappointed that he missed it" says the crazy woman with her bare belly exposed.
I was so tempted to just find out.
Then I called Jeremy and told him the crazy news.
He was so desperate to know the news that he sent me back to find out if they would tell us what the baby was.
Unfortunately the tech said she didn't even look since I told her I didn't want to know.
The moral of the story: Don't try and be a considerate wife, it doesn't get you where you want to be.
So my new due date is Oct 7th and we are dying because if I weren't trying to be so nice we would actually know what we are having right now. The suspense is killing us!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I planted a few things yesterday, but I still have lots more to go. I love checking on the blooms in the yard, and so do Kaden and Brynnlee. They fight over the watering can constantly- happen to have another one Marilyn? At this point I'd even take one with holes again.

On a stroke of luck my piano lesson showed up early yestereday and the other cancelled. So that meant I was able to make it in time to see the last inning of Kaden's very first t-ball game! Yay, cuz I was starting to feel like a horrible mom. It was cute and I posted pics and video on the family website.

In other news I haven't thrown up since Saturday night. I'm sure I just jinxed myself, but it IS something.


Happy Birthday April!
This girl has been one of my best friends ever. Most of my teenage adventures and misadventures wouldn't have been the same without her. Including, but surely not limited to, things like crisco and trampoline sunning, doing the Cindy Crawford workout at 4:30 am, dedicating songs to our friends from guys they thought were gross on Kiss 97, cruising Montgomery in the old Mazda, meeting random guys from Missouri at McDonalds, and using Tony D. as our personal body guard against stalkers. Good times!

Sadly, I haven't seen her since like 2000- maybe this year will be the year we actually meet up! Enjoy the last few years of your 20's, Sqwanks!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T-Ball Fever

Kaden had his first T-ball game today! He was so excited and all day kept asking if it was time to change into his "baseball clothes".He's ready for the ball to come to second base.

Look at the determination on his face as he gets ready to hit the ball.

Running home!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Easter Update

The egg hunt.

We all know what's gonna happen... but that doesn't make it any less funny.

Retro Cake

I created this cake for a friend's birthday this weekend.
And I finally posted something new on the family blog as well.
Enjoy the cooler weather, this weekend's heat told me how NOT ready for summer I am.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do I Know You?

Alicia posted about how she only reads blogs of people she knows. I am like that too. I have 73 blogs in my reader right now and less than 7 are people who I have NO connection to AT ALL. But there are those few.. I don't technically know these girls but for some crazy reason I love their blogs. So here is a little shout out to people who I have never met, yet keep me thoroughly entertained.

  • This was the first blog I ventured out and read without actually knowing the person. Randi and "met" through an online YW's group. I still remember the first post I read (don't ask me why). It was all about hosting a dinner for prom and NOT having a theme. Oh the horror. Anyway, her blog was funny and me and Hannah were the only ones commenting so I kept coming back. And she runs marathons- I needed some inspiration.

  • Rules for a Reason
  • Yeah, don't know how I got hooked up with this girl because we pretty much have NOTHING in common, but I love her! She is sarcastic, smart, a borderline road rage driver, and not to mention single, over 30, and living smack dab between SLC and Provo. She blogs about stuff I wish I knew about like ANWR, the similarities between Mitt Romney and Obama (it's a joke people), and other "important things". I feel a little smarter and more political just reading her posts, BUT my favorite are her dating woes, *sorry*. Seriously, after working the temple shift and eating in the cafeteria with the 70+ club she always has a funny story to share. She's private, so no point in linking but I still had to share.

  • This girl would have been my best friend if I she was born ten years earlier. Ok, let's be real. I'm turning 28 and I still would be BFF with Lauren today if she didn't live in AZ. She has a fun family and while I do like hearing about her smoochie face (you should name your first-born that) adventures with her fiance Ted, she also works at a tennis club. Which apparently every weirdo in the metro area belongs to because random things happen there everytime she goes to work. Oh yeah, her Dad puts hilarious comments on her blog, her mom puts her bras in garage sales, and she hits parked cars: that's entertainment!

  • This lady is straight up cRaZy! Who else would hock their YW medallion to finance a bagel purchase in Hawaii AND then blog about it, or stalk the city looking for a UPS package? Yeah, that's her. She is hilarious. She even took cupcakes to her son's class the other day and created a funny post- if that isn't talent, I don't know what is. And while her local newspaper doesn't think she is print worthy, I do! Oh yeah, and she linked me the other day so I sorta thought I might want to return the favor.

  • Not sure where Melissa came into the picture... but if we had both started blogging a little earlier she might not be on my "unknown" list. She lived in the next town over not so long ago, and I know we would have run into each other at Costco or the mall or something. Her blog is real, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and I just like going because it's always a surprise. I never know what I'm gonna get.
So there you go. Some funny people I don't really know but feel like we have known each other for forever. Someday maybe we'll actually meet in real life and make our friendship "official".

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to the Future

Remember when I posted about this? For those who haven't been with my blogging since the beginning this is the light switch that is in my Aunt's bathroom. Guess what? I got word that she is remodeling her bathroom this month.
I wonder if this switch will stay or go?
I have a red bathroom too, maybe I should ask for it, ha ha.

I'm on a cloud...

Cloud #9 to be exact!!
Seriously the best news ever!!

I uploaded some pictures of the cakes Kate and I have been doing on to, which many of you know is my obsession. ANYWAY our couch cake is listed in the Popular Cake Photos- added today. Which means people like our stuff!
My life is complete, for today anyway!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So we got together with a few families last night and played some games. Kids ran crazy, we parents played PIT, and most everyone ate way too much. I made one of my favorite dips... and ate and ate. The only regret is waking up the next morning with the worst breath because those dang red onions NEVER give up. Yum-O.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Does Your Dad Do?

Growing up I dreaded this question. I hated the career days you had in elementary schools. I had no idea what my dad did for work and everytime someone asked that's what I would say. "I don't know." Pretty lame huh? What kid doesn't know what their dad's job is? When I would ask my dad I always got some crazy explanation that I didn't understand. So finally he told me he was an electrical engineer and left it at that.

Jeremy calls my dad a Rocket Scientist and it drives my dad crazy. He will tell Jeremy with a slightly annoyed tone that there is "no such thing as a rocket scientist." But in all reality if there was such a thing as a rocket scientist Jeremy is totally right. It would be my dad.

Check out his latest project.

"Attached is a photo of the CNOFS spacecraft as it is being encapsulated in the rocket fairing." That was what my dad typed into the email he sent to the kids. Yeah... don't feel bad I don't Kaden knew what it meant either.

The finished product. Looks like they are "fillin' er up". Wonder what kind of cash you drop to fuel this baby? I really have no idea what they are doing, probably just running some tests.

My dad has been working on this project for the last 8 years and it is finally has a launch date of April 14th. I had to email my dad to make sure it was ok to post these pictures. He assured me this project was not classified and therefore it would be ok. Here is the rocket attached to the plane landing at their launch site:

The flyover.

The touchdown.
You can see the rocket strapped underneath the airplane.
The first and only time I have seen my dad launch a project was in 1997. I believe it was a satellite, feel free to comment and correct dad. We were living in California at the time so we got to skip a day of school and head to the launch site. It was the longest wait ever, but so cool when it actually flew up into space. Loud and Amazing!
What about your dad? Does he build stuff and launch it into space too?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weird Dreams

I usually don't remember my dreams, but once in a while...

Last night was one of those nights.

To keep it short and sweet basically Brooke was in labor on my couch. When I successfully delivered the baby I went to tell Jeremy what had just happened, cuz ya know he had no idea what was going on downstairs. So I break the great news that she and the baby are ok and all he can say is "Are you serious? Is the couch all dirty now?"
The end.
By the way Brooke it was another girl and she looked just like little Morgan.
Maybe a lemon bar before bed wasn't the best option...