Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine-lovin Baby

She gets those big blue eyes from her mama.

Her sweet affection for chocolate...
that's my contribution too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's half full

Going on day 3 of no working dishwasher. Five people make a lot of dishes, and we even ate at the in-laws last night! The good news is the part should be here by noon. My husband/repairman should be here by 5. My dishwasher should be back in action.... let's just say sometime tonight. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the $20 part is the fix because as much as I'd love a new dishwasher I would NOT love purchasing a new dishwasher right now.

Remember last year about this time when our car got broken into. Last night the same happened to the the other car. Only one of the doors doesn't lock so I don't know if it's technically considered a break in? The good news is nothing was taken (because there's nothing in there) but it's still creepy knowing people are rifling through your stuff. Invasion of privacy is a bad feeling. Being the only family that doesn't park in the garage has consequences, I tell ya.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed and very inadequate to fulfill my new calling. Excited but inadequate nonetheless. The good news is that I got released from the other three callings I was doing so I have only two things on my plate. Unfortunately Trek and Primary are still two really big things on my plate. But I'm loving them both and am very happy to be where I'm at.

*2nd Counselor in the Primary if you hadn't heard.