Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's half full

Going on day 3 of no working dishwasher. Five people make a lot of dishes, and we even ate at the in-laws last night! The good news is the part should be here by noon. My husband/repairman should be here by 5. My dishwasher should be back in action.... let's just say sometime tonight. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the $20 part is the fix because as much as I'd love a new dishwasher I would NOT love purchasing a new dishwasher right now.

Remember last year about this time when our car got broken into. Last night the same happened to the the other car. Only one of the doors doesn't lock so I don't know if it's technically considered a break in? The good news is nothing was taken (because there's nothing in there) but it's still creepy knowing people are rifling through your stuff. Invasion of privacy is a bad feeling. Being the only family that doesn't park in the garage has consequences, I tell ya.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed and very inadequate to fulfill my new calling. Excited but inadequate nonetheless. The good news is that I got released from the other three callings I was doing so I have only two things on my plate. Unfortunately Trek and Primary are still two really big things on my plate. But I'm loving them both and am very happy to be where I'm at.

*2nd Counselor in the Primary if you hadn't heard.


Kristen said...

What are you doing in Primary? I haven't heard.

PRP said...

I think people just know how cool you and Jer are which is why they keep trying to get your stuff. But it's weird and yucky all the same. So sorry.

And you will rock primary! I'm so excited for you.

Heather said...

Kristen- 2nd Counselor in Primary now.

PRP- it is SO weird... I mean, if a little orange $400 wonder known as a neon doesn't scream high rollers- I don't know what does. :)

Sarah said...

You'll be great in primary! Good luck with that. I'm sure you guys will do great on the TREK too. My mom's stake in Hermiston did it a few years ago and they said it was the best experience. Very strange about your other car being broken into. You sure Jer isn't like a secret CIA agent or something? Ha. Hope that dishwasher is fixed and running for you to do your dishes tonight!

::lindsay said...

You are going to do so awesome at your new calling! Seriously!

And the Trek...come on...it's gonna be loads of fun and I'm glad we'll get to hang out together in our bonnets and dresses walking in 95 degree weather!

Glad your dishwasher is getting fixed. Woohoo!

PS--we have a white taurus that if you turn the wheel 90 degrees, you can totally drive straight--I think that makes us high rollers too!

AOlson said...

I knew you were in "trouble" on Staurday when the Bishop pulled you aside. At the Temple. Twice. You are gonna be FABULOUS!!!

Bummer about the break in of teh car and the break down of the dishwasher. Sheesh what about you guys says, "Come break into our cars?" Oh yeah, the high roller aura you put off, lol;0

Kris said...

The new callings are overwhelming! I know. Primary is so fun. You will love those kids and love hearing what they say every Sunday! :) You are going on the Trek? That's awesome! It totally fits you, so it will be awesome! Good Luck with getting a running dishwasher by 10 p.m. :) I love your updates!

Susi Daw said...

Heather! You are going to be wonderful in the primary! Those kids are all so lucky!

Sorry to hear about your car. And your dishwasher. That totally sucks!

And your going to have so much fun on the Trek! I'm jealous!

Vern said...

If your door was unlocked and they didn't take anything, how did you even know it was broken into? I need to know.

goddessdivine said...

I hate losers who break into cars. I mean, seriously.

Congrats on the new calling!! You'll do awesome. And you're going on Trek, too? Yikes. Does your stake expect you to see your family this year? ;-)

Andre said...

You'll be awesome in Primary. With all those children. Yeah, it's fun.

tharker said...

Only you can pull of 3 callings and make it look easy. But I am glad for you that the other 2 are now history ;)

Car broken into? Again? That is crazy!