Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lest Ye Be Confused

Here are some official definitions from


Butt rock is the any Heavy Metal music from the eighties that is so horrible that it is both hysterical and hella rad at the same time. These bands usually have amazingly ugly members who wear exceedinly tight pants big hair and make up. One good way to tell if a band is "Butt Rock" is if during their music video, the drummer blows a kiss to the screen while drumming
Quiet Riot and Twiztid Sister are the best examples of butt rock. If you really want to know about the radness of butt rock download the song "Cum on feel the noise!" by Quiet Riot


Any rock or hard rock band from 1983 to 1990 that wore spandex and wailed about chicks & cars. Also, hair was either mullet or highly gooed with hairspray. Glacier washed denim and leather were the fashion of butt rock.
Slaughter, Dio, Dokken, Ratt, Poison, Great White, White Lion, Steelheart, Tesla, Grim Reaper, Def Leppard, Vixen, Danger Danger, Skid Row and Bullet Boys.


Eighties era 'heavy metal'. Some bands even continued into the early 90's, while scant others exist today (aerosmith). Fashion items include, but aren't limited to, tight spandex (with or without leopard print), colored boas, leg warmers (over the pants), really tight leather jackets with studs in them, denim galore,etc. Hair was generally teased up with an insane amount of hairspray, known as the metal afro. Members wore copious amounts of makeup lending to a very sassy look. I can't believe this was once considered cool.
That old dude with the rusted out firebird in his front yard was blasting butt rock the other day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 Moms, 6 Kids, and 1 snow covered sand dune

100 Rerun

Originally I posted this on Sunday, January 28, 2007 in my former blog. That blog is now private but I still thought I would dredge this up a year later cuz it's just SO much fun! It is funny how things have changed, or not, since then.

So if you haven't seen this before, enjoy and if you have go ahead and laugh again. It's ok, I can take it.

100 Things about Me

1. I love my family.
2. I have a wonderful husband, who is more patient with my many annoying habits that he probably has to be. You are the best Jeremy!
3. I love working in YW's- I don't know what life would be like without it.
4. I like camping, hiking, repelling, snowboarding- all the stuff I NEVER get to do.
5. I hope I don't embarrass myself this summer trying to complete a Triathlon.
6. I love the "Liken the Scriptures" movies, seriously I'm dancing and singing along with Kaden all the time.
7. My best friend April and I once "borrowed" her parents station wagon when we were 14 and ran into the corner of the garage. We learned a valuable lesson about applying new stucco to a house before her parents came home.
8. I wish I was more patient.
9. I hate cleaning my bathrooms.
10. I have braces at 26 years old- annoying.
11. I can play the piano.
12. I used to play the flute, I could probably stil stumble through some songs.
13. I want to learn to play the violin.
14. I love basketball.
15. I wish I could eat whatever I want and be thin (who doesn't).
16. I wish our TV was powered by a treadmill. Two birds with one stone.
17. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough.
18. I want to travel to Italy, and anywhere else!
19. I'm a big of fan of music videos, making my own that is- lip sync of course.
20. My first job was at a shoe store - Factory Brand Shoes in Solvang, Ca.
21. I was born in the 80's! I know its weird for some of you.
22. I have 7 sisters and 1 lonely brother.
23. I was born in California.
24. I grew up in Edgewood, NM - just east of Albuquerque.
25. I love meeting new people.
26. I once stapled my finger while talking to a guy, AND finished the converstation! I was smooth.
27. I played one year of soccer in High School.
28. I never went to prom, homecoming, etc growing up.
29. I still keep in touch with my best friends from High School.
30. I love scrapbooking.
31. My new favorite restaurant is Bone Fish Grill - Bang Bang Shrimp is my weakness.
32. I'm a Rick's College Alumnist.
33. I met some of my best friends in college and I think they are amazing.
34. I have lived in 5 states: New Mexico, California, Idaho, Montana and now Washington.
35. One of my cars in high school was a pink Ford Aspire- that was a confidence builder.
36. I liked New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and many other awesome groups.
37. I wanted to serve a mission to Bolivia.
38. I think road trips are fun.
39. I never went to EFY, but desperately wanted to.
40. I want to go to New York City.
41. I want to see Celine Dion in Las Vegas, but the sand is almost out of that hour glass.
42. I wanted to be Child Psychologist, Neonatal Nurse, or a Mom when I grew up. One down 2 to go.
43. I had good grades in HS, and even made the Dean's List a few times at College.
44. I'm easily addicted to shows on HGTV and TLC.
45. Kaden and I watch "Little People, Big World".
46. I love DVR and its only been 4 days.
47. I have never gotten a ticket, but I have been pulled over many a times (keep your fingers crossed).
48. I like making cakes.
49. I still want to take the trip to Europe with my sister that we cancelled when I found out I was pregnant with Kaden.
50. I hate being pregnant.
51. I wanted 5 or 6 kids growing up- now I'm not so sure.
52. I like going to the dentist.
53. I used to have straight hair, I know you wouldn't believe that now!
54. I liked sharing rooms with my sisters.
55. I have a huge scar on my knee from wrecking on my bike when I was 9.
56. I had my appendix out when I was three, then was in the hospital a month later for a secondary infection.
57. I was born on my Grandma's birthday- my name really should have been Joanie.
58. I was going to be named Andrew if I was a boy.
59. I have the cutest kids ever.
60. My family DROVE to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when I was 11 to see a solar eclipse! One motorhome, 5 kids, and 7 blown tires: Priceless.
61. I want to go skydiving.
62. When I was pregnant Jeremy and I both said we didn't care what we were having as long as it wasn't a red-headed boy. HA!
63. I would love to live in another country for a short while.
64. I wish I had a standup arcade game of Ms. Pacman.
65. I had the high score on most of the Ms. Pacman games in the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area at one point in my life.
66. I have never owned a "brand new" car- and probably never will.
67. I hate paying retail for anything.
68. I love seeing that people read my blog- and comment.
69. I bought a grand piano when I was 17.
70. Growing up our ward used to rent a tour bus and drive to Mesa, AZ for our temple trips. They were awesome!
71. I love music, except for "butt rock", which Jeremy loves.
72. Education Week at BYU was usually the highlight of my summer.
73. I wish I could do my wedding over, only because I often wonder what I was thinking when I was 19- Imagine that.
74. Jeremy once threw my wedding ring away in a Maverik gas station garbage can. It was on accident, and luckily he found it without having to dig too much.
75. I have never hiked the "Y" but I have hiked the "R".
76. I want to be certified in SCUBA diving.
77. My favorite classes at Ricks were Stress Management, all the Humanities classes I took, Ballroom Dancing, Culinary Arts, and Family History with Brother Ladle.
78. I worked as a legal assistant at Credit Union when we were first married.
79. I played on a softball team 6 years ago, it was my first attempt at softball ever!
80. I wish I could snowboard better, especially when I watch X-games.
81. I think it would be amazing to play the organ in the Conference Center, but I think I should learn to play the organ in our building first.
82. I took swimming lessons almost every summer growing up and still can't swim that well!
83. I love waterskiing and wakeboarding.
84. We have popcorn and Orange Julius for Sunday dinner more often than I like to admit.
85. I love watching movies at home- I really don't like the theater anymore.
86. I once participated in a horse relay with my cousin Carrianne at a local rodeo.
87. I thought it would be cool to be a rodeo queen.
88. I like dancing- country line, swing, ballroom all of it.
89. I like the weekend, who doesn't?
90. Dion's Pizza in Albuquerque is the best pizza ever!!
91. I love playing at arcades.
92. We had the best pirate ship tree house growing up- it even had a zip line and trap door.
93. I liked Mmm Bop by Hansen.
94. I love camping out with the family at Lake Powell.
95. I participated in a sidewalk chalk art festival in High School and was then chosen to participate in the Santa Barbara Art Festival (in California). It was on Sunday so I declined, but I still think its awesome that I got the invite.
96. I have been composing a song for almost 3 years, and its nowhere near completion, might never be.
97. I wish I had a beautiful solo voice, but I'll settle for my fun singing voice.
98. I like watching kid shows with Kaden and Brynnlee, and having an excuse to do other 'kid stuff'.
99. I have never been to Park City even though we go to Utah like twice a year.
100. I could keep going but I'll save you the heartache!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Isn't this header sweet? Thanks Kim!

Update: I'm not through with the books yet- another 100 pages or so should do it. Jeremy pulled up a trailer for the upcoming movie and I'm a little embarrased to say that watching it made me totally giddy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


The other day I stuck some carrot shreds down the disposal and it plugged up AGAIN for, oh I don't know, the 12th time this month? Instead of plunging it Jeremy got down and dirty and pulled the entire disposal out and cleaned the pipes. Guess what he found. You'll never guess.

One fully intact dishcloth.
A DISHCLOTH, people!!!
How in the word does a dishcloth make it through the disposal unscathed?? Seriously, there was not a hole or a frayed edge on that thing!! I don't get it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Love

I love catching up with friends.
I love that we may not see eachother for months and yet can still pick up like we just had lunch together yesterday.
I love hearing about the interesting things happening in celebrity life and "real life".
I love that my friends stay late and say every five minutes "I need to get going" and still stay.
I love how talking about Twilight makes me more interested in it.
I love hearing about others' struggles and triumphs and realizing "I'm not the only one"
I love that we can talk for hours about nothing and it is so fulfilling
I love that I beat out volleyball night for Nicole.
I love that I have so many great friends, who bail me out when I'm on the verge of being kicked out of my "product peddling"
I love talking about how uncool we were (or weren't) even though brothers always thought differently.
I love life and sharing it with fun people!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cleaning and Smelling

My life today will consist of these tasks.
Anyone joining me tonight?
You don't have to join in the cleaning, I'll be a gracious enough host to take care of that.
I have way too many cookies to be left alone with them.
Seriously, it will get ugly if I am left to
devour them all on my own.
And if you are wondering about the randomness of this haiku-ish blog
I can't figure out the spacing wonders of blogger
so in order for this arrow to point to my invite I must fill the page with
foolish words (that was a tribute to you Lauren)!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

When Seahawk Fans Have Babies...

This is the type of cake you create for the baby shower.

Isn't it adorable?

Katie and I had a ton of fun creating this masterpiece. Now, the question is:

How much would you be willing to pay for this?

We're just wondering if we could finance some family fun with our talents...

Friday, January 18, 2008

It seems it's a photo blog...

I didn't mean for this turn turn into a photo only blog. I really didn't. So I guess I should update more frequently but I never know what to write.

Writer block on the family is not such a good thing, how I am going to remember all the fun stuff we are doing? The days all seem to blur together but they are special in their own right. So here is a short update.

All of us are recovering from the drive to UT last week, it takes a while to get back into a routine. I finally finsihed adressing my "winter cards" and you should be receiving them shortly.

Jeremy and I bought paint to redo our bathroom- it's a quick and easy bang for our buck. I have been working furiously trying to finish some projects I have had on the back burner for a while. That was sort of a New Year's Resolution for me. I'm proud to say they are getting closer to being complete. Now I just have a bunch of half finished projects rather than not-started-at-all projects. I'll be sure to post some of my favorites when I complete them, which hopefully will be soon.

The kids are dying for spring to be here, and I wouldn't mind either. They want to go outside all the time but come back after just a minute or two with FROZEN noses and fingers. The winter is the hardest because they both have tons of energy that finds trouble when it isn't able to be let loose outside.

So there. A little update without pictures. I'll try to do it more often.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

FIN.... Hello? It's French

So I finished Twilight, but I want to wait to review till I'm done with all of them.
So I'm starting on #2 ASAP.
However #3 is MIA.... and if I don't get it in the next few days I'll end your torture early and let you know what I think thus far.
Can you wait???
I can't.
Maybe if your lucky tomorrow will be a day chock full of reading rather than diapers and addressing embrassingly late "Christmas now turned winter cards".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a Little Occupied

well not yet.

But Tiffani swears by the time I get to crack this puppy I'll be zooming through it.

I may do a book report this week... or not.

I'm such a geek.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wedded Bliss


The topper was created by the florist because of time constraints, but I'm pretty happy with the bottom two layers. The crazy part is that my SIL picked up the flowers to deliver them to the reception and as luck would have it they were rearended on the drive down! So flower arranging on the cake was created quickly DURING the reception. But, hey, it wouldn't be memorable if it weren't crazy right?
I'm posting lots of pics of the kiddos on the family blog- be sure to check it out!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The REAL Reason

we travel to Utah like maniacs is to share these special moments with our family. Even though we complain about the drive it is always worth it once we get there!

Sushi Recommendation

Kim asked and I'm answering.
I know it sounds weird but the BEST place for sushi here is at place called "Subs N Jean" in Richland. They are a sandwich shoppe/sushi bar which is a really random combo but the sushi is excellent, I promise!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Volcano

Who knew an onion could be so entertaining?

More Videos

Kaden asked why I didn't break eggs like this.

Fire up the Grill


I don't need to type anything else, but I will.

If you haven't been there, or any other tepanyaki place for that matter, I suggest you go.
If you like Japanese food, that is. Seriously what could be better than watching your food prepared right in front of you? There is just something mesmerizing about fire and food- well for me at least. The sushi was also delish, we ordered the Godzilla and Hawaiian rolls. So if you are in Provo and at a loss for where to eat look no further.

Now you can see my family stuffing ourselves before the wedding. What can I say we are a family that loves to eat. So without further ado pictures and a video!
Nathan and Kristen. She's related by marriage rather than blood hence that lack of excitement about the food unlike my brother, her husband.

My sister Age, the bride, and Bob the groom who also installed the grills and hoods in Sakura. He's a commercial kitchen installing guy... I'm pretty sure that's the technical name.

My sisters Melissa and Alicia with Grandma in between.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We are, in fact, alive and well.

Even after driving for 14 hours our family is intact. You know the weather is not good when you stop in a town called "Snowville" and the gas station lady says...

This is so crazy, we never get this much snow. Really, it was a comforting time for me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Call Me Crazy...

but at least say it looks good after your insult.
I just spent a good 25 minutes hand stitching
this tag for my sisters wedding gift,
which she may or may not toss out with the rest of the paper in just a few days.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I just informed Jer that he had been tagged by our SIL Kristen.

"What?" says he.

"You've been tagged to do the Meme on your blog." I clarify

"What's a meme?"

"You know that ABC thing I did that talks about you. That."

"GREAT...... Can I just do it on your blog because I don't even know how to get into mine anymore."

There you have it. The REAL reason the Tubby Hubby Diaries hasn't been updated in awhile.