Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Little Holes that Cause A Lot of Commotion

It started out like this

and progressed to this

and then went to this

and quickly nose-dived to this

but luckily ended up like this.

*Note to readers: If you ever want to feel like a crappy parent go ahead and say yes when you take your 3 year-old daughter to the mall and she tells you she wants to get her ears pierced. Trust me, lots of people staring while your little girl screams at the top of her lungs will instantly humble you and make you rethink your decision making skills. Good times at FHE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

If you check facebook

You know what's been going on in my house. If you aren't a "bookie" then let me fill you in.

{insert the hallelujah chorus here, cause it's just so darn pretty!}

Come closer.

And closer.
I'm loving the detail on this cake.
Simple and sophisticated, at least I think so.

Kate givine the thumbs up on a successful delivery!

At the wedding site.

And in case you are wondering what getting up at 5 am to run, watching 6 kids, and staying up till 11pm-ish for a week and half hand forming sugar flowers makes a girl look like check out the chick on the right. Yeah, I was a little tired and sans make up but smiling like an insane person because it was finally finished!

Does this make anyone else want to get married again??

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's My Day!

Have you heard the good news? According to some people in Colorado it's Evil Heather Day. How exciting!
Anyway, in order to keep up with Randi and highlight MY DAY let's hear all the evil pranks you may or may not have pulled in your former life. You know, the life where you weren't the perfect mom, wife, husband, housekeeper, sister, aunt, uncle, brother, child- like you are now.

Me? I'm still racking my brain for the ultimate evil deed. But there was one time that I ordered a portobello mushroom burger from Red Robin and sat right across from my brother-in-law who gags at the thought of mushrooms. That big old mushroom cap sliding out the back of the bun totally did him in.
Good times. Now, spill it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

T-ball 2009

This was Kaden's first year of T-ball with the Pasco Little League. He played for Aho Construction and loved every minute of it. His favoite positions were catcher and pitcher. He's a good little hitter and really improved on his throwing accuracy this year. His highlights of the season were getting kids "out". He's already asking when next season starts.

The Leprechaun Dash

Kaden and Noah at the starting line.

Kaden's 1st mile ever. 11:48. He can outrun his mother, that's for sure.
Posing with Dad before his 5 k.
It was cold and windy. Brynnlee preferred to watch the race like this.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Night While Driving Around the 'hood...

I spied this. Jeremy stopped so I could take a pic.
So Lauren if you ever want to move...

I think I found your place.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

500 and I Can't Stop Yet

500th post.
Not even kidding.
In honor of this milestone achievement I give you
A list.
Things I've done 500 times over this last week:
*wondered what to make for dinner
*dressed the blasted pollypocket knock-off Disney invented and that my sister purchased
*entertained the thought of doing a sugar fast before coming to my senses
*hoped all was growing as it should be for Jackie
*thought about what else we could do in the employment department
*fretted over the talk I was asked to give at a friend's baptism
*wished we had a pool in this melting heat
*tried to wrap my head around the fact that I'll have a kindergartener this fall
*said "um, I totally forgot"
*kissed Jeremy, Kaden, Brynnlee & Ella
*realized just how blessed I am

what are you tallying up this week?