Sunday, October 15, 2006

Never Give Up!!

Today while driving in the car home from church Jeremy was asking about his talk, did it make sense, did it flow, etc.

Kaden pipes in "Dad I saw you up there!". We chatted about Daddy being on the stand and then Jeremy throws out the clincher.

"What did Daddy talk about?"

The automatic response "I don't know."

Jeremy and I just smile at each other and laugh....big surprise since he was tracing the cinderblock wall or staring at the Meyer's and Johnson's behind us most of the time.

"Daddy did you talk about leaders today?"

What??? Shock registers on both of our faces! Our child is getting something more than a playdate and a snack out of church. That makes it all worth it. I might not be getting a lot out of sacrament some Sundays, but its nice to know that Kaden might be!


Anonymous said...

Tell Jeremy "YES" it flowed! I was right there with him with my favorite green scripture marking crayon in hand. I thought sacrament meeting was great yesterday!


meohmyers said...

From what I heard of it, it was great! Now he can rest assured knowing he shouldn't be asked to speak again for another 2 or 3 years, right? Sorry I had to leave during his talk to take Maddie out. I'm sure Kaden was entertained watching my 2 unattended kids while his dad spoke!

tharker said...

You gota love the cinderblock tracing walls! I thought my kids were the only ones that did that!