Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I love food and it shows....

Last night as Jeremy and I had the extremely RARE treat of going to dinner with friends we came home with the following lessons learned:

1. We really eat more than we should when we eat out.
2. We really eat more than we should when we eat out, and we are not paying for it.
3. We really need to get together with other couples more often.
4. We really really love the BoneFish Grill and more specifically the Bang Bang Shrimp.
5. I guess we are really deprived since we both spent the ENTIRE day thinking about going to the BoneFish Grill - seriously Jer had the menu up at work most of the day.

I guess this all stems from eating out rarely as I stated before. It is such a rarity that when we do go out our lives and conversation revolve around it for days afterward. So if anyone is wondering we do reccommend the BoneFish Grill.

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