Friday, September 29, 2006

Green butterfly float my way....

A few weeks ago Jeremy and I were discussing how we were so glad we didn't have trouble sleeping. This all transpired through a Lunesta or Ambien commercial, I am unsure of which. Anyway, I guess I didn't knock on wood. The last two nights I have had the worst sleep ever! I am dead tired and yet I still toss and turn all night. I wake up feeling totally unrested and I swear my back has been tweaked by someone with a voo-doo doll claiming revenge for my insensitve sleep comment. What is going on?

Seriously, I wish I could just knock myself out and arise the next morning refreshed after a perfect night of blissful, dream-infused sleep. The worst part in all this is that Brynners has been resting like a rock- what's my problem??

Jeremy says he has no problem sleeping because he doesn't have a guilty conscience. I didn't think I did either- but maybe my psyche is trying to tell me something different. That's the last time a post a complaint about f&t meeting.


Lindsay said...

Sorry about the bad sleep. Maybe I had a guilty conscience about the F&T comment too. I had horrible sleep last night!

Heather said...

Maybe you were just to distressed over all the choices in the catalog... ha ha.