Tuesday, September 5, 2006

This is an orthodontic emergency!

So if you haven't heard me talk recently, Friday I was fortunate enough to receive along with my bottom braces a lovely "bite plate". Apparently this overbite I have is in need of some serious correction. Now being naieve as I am, I thought this would be not a huge deal, slightly more cumbersome , but hey for Hollywood teeth what you can you expect? You have to give a little and I'm up for the challenge. HOWEVER after trying to wait my 3 hours before eating I was famished. So I sit down only to find that I can no longer eat.

The function of the bite plate is to not let my top teeth overlap my bottom teeth, therefore rendering me incapable of chewing since my molars are miles away from meeting. Lucky for me its Labor Day Weekend... and there is no eating whatsoever involved in this holiday. The upside in all this, the scale has beamed a lower number today than in MANY weeks past.

So bring on the metal appliances. I'll have Hollywood teeth and a Hollywood starved body.


Tiff said...

From one orthodontic beauty to another, I feel your pain! I was checking out a website for adults with braces...I know keep laughing! Anyway, I am COUNTING the months till I get these suckers off!!! Can't wait to flash our Hollywood smiles together. Tiff

Puerto Rican Princess said...

While I am feeling your oral pain, I'm more bothered by the fact that you have already learned how to reformat your blog AND add links to it, something I have yet to master in my two months of blogging!!! YOu'll have to give me the down-low so my blog can be as pretty as yours.

Anonymous said...

GET HEALTHY GET HAPPY, two for the price of one!

Sunshine Raye