Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Letter

Dear "Vern"

I know you want to know the top secret surprise really, really bad. I'm ready to be rid of the secret too, however, that special moment just hasn't come yet.

Although, maybe I could be persuaded to tell you early if you fly me to CO and pamper me with your "new to the block chocolate chip cookies" and abundant supply of Pert Plus in the guest bathroom. Maybe.


PS and now that I see you and Randi are doing a lunch together I would FOR SURE tell you the secret in exchange for food.


JustRandi said...

Well, hey, I can't fly ya in, but if you want to come over on Thursday I'll buy you lunch!!

c'mon - - what is it????

Vern said...

I left you a little comment on randi's blog. And I'd like to also throw in that if you make the trip and happen to go into labor after you get here, I will pay for your emergency room bill. Plus I will help you with your lamaze breathing, and Randi will help you...uh...she'll blog all about it, because come on, that would be hilarious.

tharker said...

Too funny!

Brigette-boo said...

isn't the secret out?? or am I missing something!? which is very possible.