Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kaden turns 5

and insists he's almost 6.
Someday he'll learn to just enjoy his age.
Could there be a happier boy?
That's what I love about Kaden excitement in everything!

You know you've got a great kid when he doesn't mind letting his little sister help with gifts after she throws a major tantrum.

Oh, Optimus Prime. He hit the Jackpot.

We've got cake pictures and birthday breakfast pictures on Jeremy's camera. I'll post them later.


tharker said...

Kaden really is such a great kid! I just love him.

Happy Birthday Kaden!!!

Chele said...

love the pictures. i can't believe our oldset kids are turning five this year. Time flies.

Sarah said...

Hope he had a fantastic birthday. He is too cute. October sure is a busy month for birthdays.