Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swirling around my Head

*I am creeping closer to finishing my "secret project". Maybe a few more weeks. Ha!

*Two big cakes within 8 days, that's a tall order.

*Monster Math Night.... really, no other parents volunteered? really?

*Primary Program madness. T minus 3 days... almost there.

*Single parenting for how long??? I think I can, I think I can.

*Ella is walking! and throwing fits. lots and lots of fits.

*Fall is in full swing. I wish our yard was showing signs of that. {Stupid purple tree that doesn't drop leaves.}

*Spiced cider sounds mighty tasty.

*Where did October run to?


lindsay>boo said...

Why the single parenting?

I can't wait to see the top secret project!

And yeah, it seems like there is a lack of volunteers every year for Monster Math Night. It's so sad because the kids love it so much.

ashley said...

Talk about BuSy! It sounds like you've had quite a month, maybe that's why it's flown by! Can't wait to see your "special project" and the cakes your working on. As for everything else...good luck!

Kristen said...

Good Luck. Hopefully the single parenting will result in something positive :) Can't wait to see the pretty cakes!

tharker said...

Maybe we'll work together Friday night during Monster Math!

Can't wait to see what it is you're working on.

When you have that cider, give me a call, I'll join ya!

goddessdivine said...

I'm excited for the special project; and the cakes. But really, can you beat the Mr Potato head? ;-)

I would totally volunteer for Monster Math night! Shoot; I need children first.

PRP said... other parents volunteered.

No, I'm fine and will happily give you a pass if life is too crazy right now which it sounds like it is. Call me.

Sarah said...

Spiced cider, yum! Cakes, volunteering, and flying solo with the kids - you are one busy lady.

LKP said...

lol, i've had swirly thoughts lately too! no monster math night worries, but definitely fully of the swirlies. keep your chin up, swirlies get us through...interesting isn't it? just like running a track, sprinting the corners can feel like being out of control & complete madness, but its the corners that get us to being able to float & enjoy the straights! right now, you're just on a corner, before long it'll straigthen out in front of ya. =)

lovely lindsay said...

"i think i can - i think i can"
love that.

love, lindsay

Amy said...

Secret project?? How exciting!

Can't wait to see pictures of the cakes!

Hey, I'm single parenting too!