Friday, November 6, 2009

A Slippery Slope

I've been looking at old family pictures. I sometimes tend to get a big head looking at all the photos because I am one cute little girl!

Now, before you go getting overly concerned for my prideful self and decide to host an intervention- just wait! Because, as you will soon see, it doesn't take long for my vanity to get checked. While strolling along in the photo journey we hit a little place I like to call the "ugly years". And after realizing that I did, indeed, go out in public like that I have no more pride.

Honestly though, where exactly do you think the breaking point was for me?

I know what my answer is.

1980- Smiling because I'm so fashion forward with my "vintage" binky leash.

1981 - Posing it up with the siblings.
No this is not a backdrop.
It's a real canyon somewhere... probably in the motherland, Utah.

1982 - Sure my hair is a little crazy but my mom has 4 kids.
It doesn't change the fact that I'm still adorable.

1983 - Girls picture!
Me and my sisters are hot stuff in our matching Easter dresses.

1984 - So sweet. Look at those cheeks!

1985 - I've still got it! Except I don't have that rainbow headband.
My sister Adrienne broke it not long after this shot, and I never let her live it down.

1986 - I think the decline starts right about here with
my crimped hair and all.

1987 - The picture my sisters refer to as "the poker".
Let's be honest. It really does look like I'm getting poked with a hot stick.

1988- Even though these earrings were totally in style,
it still doesn't make it right.

1989 - Ok, Self. A note for the future:
hair pulled straight back is really not a flattering look.

1990 - Wow! Although the bandanna absolutely makes this outfit,
I think the the bangs should get an award for their supporting role.

1991 - What in the world was going on with my hair?
I think the left side of my body must have had it's own gravitational pull.
And really, did I not sleep the night before?

1995- I think 1992 ended my ugly streak (and the purchase of school pictures by my parents) but this photo goes in there just because if you, being of sound mind, decide to go to Glamour Shots and pose with your hand on a big sombrero you deserve to be mocked.


Sarah said...

Your comments about the pictures are hilarious. I think we all have some school pictures we are less than proud of. I always ask my mom how she could have let me go to school looking the way I did half the time. Thanks for the smile today!

Sarah said...

Hehehe, you were cute all the way through. And that glamour shots photo can't be 1995! Can it?? Holy cow, I'm old.

Sara said...

LOL! I love your comments as you take us through the journey of "self" discovery aren't photos great. I love it!

lindsay>boo said...

Your comments were totally making me laugh. I love the pictures and am so glad you shared them. And really, who doesn't have a few school pictures that really showcase the "ugly years"?
I know that I may have a picture of myself with a boomerang perm, buck teeth and a bolo....

Holly said...

You sent me that glamour shot in the mail. I still have it! ha ha

The Mom said...

Everyone has pictures of the ugly years. My sisters and I have all commented on ours! LOL And I remember when I wanted to do Glamour Shots so badly, but we didn't have the money. Thank goodness for small miracles!

Shellie said...

I've always referred to it as the "awkward stage." You are so funny and cute even today!

Jessica said...

"Hearing" your words made me feel like I was chatting it up with you live! Heather - you will always rock! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Yours were not that bad. My uglies started in 2nd grade - I blame the glasses.

PRP said...

I just laughed out loud. Your comments were killing me! I'd pull out some of my classic pictures but I'm just not that brave. Love it!

Amy said...

lol... your comments were hilarious!!!

p.s. I can't believe how much your kids look like you're family. The 1983 shot of your baby sister looks just like Ella.

Amy said...

**YOUR family, not you're family. Although I'm sure your kids look like you are family, too.

tharker said...

I am laughing so hard, your commentary on each photo is so funny! I love the Glamour Shots pose. And what is with those massively large sleeves on that dress? So funny!

I see so much of your girls in your pictures. You were one cute girl!!

And I agree, we ALL had those years that weren't so saw what I posted last you remember my obsession with overalls?

Vern said...

It's okay, 1986 was the beginning of the end for a lot of people.

goddessdivine said...

LOVE the pictures! Where's "the wall"? (Bangs standing straight up?) Yeah, mine reached greater height than yours.

Junior high was my ugly time period. And maybe a little before and a little after.

AOlson said...

I seriosuly just had my abs workout for the day. SO great!! Yes, we definately ALL had some ugly years. I know I had some real good ones. You may have just inspired me to pull them all out and do a similar post, only I am not as witty as you.

Andre said...

Too funny! But you are not the only one with funky dos. A few of mine are worse than yours. After all, you don't have huge glasses covering half your face.