Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have Done List

(way better than a to-do list)

*doorbell installed and looking absolutely fantastic
*VW bus cake completed
*kids to the dentist
*dr. appointments scheduled, no baby here. I know you're wondering.
*hanging baskets up and blooming
*serious weeding session


Lacey said...

That's a lot accomplished! I'm impressed!

Andre said...

Awesome.. Why don't you come kick my butt into gear?

PRP said...

You crack me up! You know I was wondering...:)

JustRandi said...

sounds like the perfect day!!

Heather said...

Yeah, that was for the whole week... ha ha. If only I was so motivated every day.

goddessdivine said... pictures?! Ok, I don't need to see you sitting, reading, or weeding; but the cake? The doorbell?

Kate said...

and no pictures of the cake?!?! geez, heather, what have you been doing all week!??! just kidding (wink wink)
I am going to have to go to your house tomorrow after dropping the kids off just to come and admire your doorbell :)

Holly said...

My TO DO list is overwhelming. This might be a good exercise for me.