Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cake Anyone?

A few things I've been up to this summer.....

A birthday cake for our good friend.
He is a VW enthusiast to the core
and I replicated his bus.
With only 26 hours notice...
I'm calling it a success.


Wedding Cake
Turns out the father of the bride went to high school with Jeremy.
True story.


Cake for a reception.
Simple outside, but the inside
was chocolate pound cake filled with dark chocolate ganache.

I think I gained 3 lbs that weekend eating cake scraps turned cake burritos*.

*If you aren't familiar with cake burritos come over and let me enlighten you!

Summer has been good to us,
and we plan on squeezing every last minute out of our remaining 10 days.


hatch said...

Can I just book you now for Chloe's wedding in about 20years?
Beautiful. I love the last one, stunning, and the inside sounds heavenly!

Sarah said...

You are so talented Heather. And that chocolate pound cake with the ganache sounds sooooooooooo good. Cake burritos - yes please!

Reba said...

i totally consider myself invited over for cake burritos. this might also make a good tutorial if you're interested in taking step by step pictures :)

tharker said...

Love the VW Bus! So cool and so unique!!

I can't even imagine Spencer and Jeremy being old enough to have children getting married...oh, wait...they AREN'T old enough!

Love the wedding cakes, and YES I'll come over for a cake burrito!