Monday, October 31, 2011

Sometimes I Like to Blog

Since August we've:

*started school
*had 3 birthdays
*hosted lots of family for Kaden's baptism
*lost about 2 1/2 yrs of family photos after the most recent computer crash... boo!
*added two casts to the family
*welcomed lots babies (friends and family)
*learned the about the arrival of many more
*spooked it up for Halloween
*removed a 6 yr old's cast
*changed my cast a few different times
*stressed about and finally enjoyed the Primary Program
*started walking in the wee morning hours (loving my free therapy)

The next few months are sure to bring us a few more adventures. Stay tuned. I may, or may not, blog about it. You know how I am.

First day of school - 2011

Remember how the computer crashed?
This is the only shot I have of our family at the baptism.
I'm embracing the fact that I have ONE photo, even if my eyes happen to be closed.

Asking them to stand still for approximately 4 seconds when there is a
carnival raging in the gym is like torture.


::lindsay said...

Love it!

You know, Jared can totally put eyes on you for that baptism picture. I mean, he struggles with yard stuff and chair railing, but fixing your picture is something he can totally do! :)

PRP said...

I've missed you! So glad you're back.

Melissa said...

A) Your kids aren't really that old. B) That bathroom does look good. Come decorate my house.