Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm losing sleep!

These are some things that I was thinking about last night which impeded my ability to fall asleep:

1. I rode my bike to Phyllis' and then I swam a lot of laps yesterday morning. Well, a lot for me. Then later last night Jeremy and I took our bikes back in the Chamna Reserve in Richland and then I RAN from Columbia Point over the bridge back into Pasco just to practice the transition. I was laying awake because I couldn't believe after 7 miles of biking I could run up that huge hill- I was amazed at the things I can do now that were not even an option 5 months ago.

2. I'm toying with the idea of doing a "blog party" - you know a spin off a "block party". Would anyone come to my party?? I know, its 7th grade all over again.

3. I'm wondering if I'll have plans for the Father's and Son's when Kaden and Jeremy are gone, or will I sit home wondering why no one called and why I didn't think to call anyone sooner.

4. I'm thinking about how I can get a bathing suit with a lot of upper support in the next week or two without paying a ton of money and NO TANKINI's because I have to wear this to Girls Camp. Is this possible? I'm thinking no, but if you have a thought I'll gladly hear it.

5. I'm still totally freaked about needing to be towed in from the River on Tri day.

6. I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to find a ride late Thursday night after Testimony meeting at Girls Camp, or if I should just plan on coming home Friday morning.

7. Was I supposed to meet my Visiting Teaching sisters at the park today??

Really, are you surprised that I can't fall asleep?


Jackie B. said...

wow, you do have alot on your mind! I slept like a baby till 5:55am, thats what time a plane flies over our house EVERY DAY. i think it will be my wake up call to go to the gym. what do you think? good luck with the swim suit, that is the worst! You'll do great on tri-day!

PRP said...

You are going to rock the tri so stop stressing!!!!

And I if you need towing it, I'll do it myself...:)

tharker said...

I like the idea for a blog party! So fun! And I'm so impressed with all of your training. You're going to do great!

lindsay>boo said...

You are going to do awesome. You've been training hard and it will pay off for you!

Warren said...

Is it a full tri or a sprint?
Are you and Jeremy coming to rexburg to do the Rush triatalon?
I think i am going to do it! 2 months! Breanne wants to know if you want to go to bear world when you come here. are you going to be here on the 4th?

goddessdivine said...

You would think with all the pysical exhaustion you'd crash at night. But I can definitely relate to the no sleep thing.

Bathing suit: I hear Land's End is the way to go. You can practically pick the kind of suit you want.

And a blog party? I would totally come if you weren't so far away.

hatch said...

Wow Heather I am impressed at your excercise routine! Way to go!
I think a blog party sounds like fun!
As far as the girls camp thing goes I am either going up on Wed. or Thursday night with someone in my ward. I will find out for sure which night and if she as any room in her car and let you know.
The swim suit thing.... well good luck with that. Let me know where you find anything.

I have a good life said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours. I am so impressed with your training! Good Luck on the Tri!

Kris said...

I think a blog party is great! I'll even help you plan it!! :) I love girls camp. The swim suit thing is so annoying! I went shopping to Ross, Target, and TJ Maxx yesterday and didn't find a good swimsuit. I was so annoyed. I feel your pain there! You are doing great with your training! Keep up the good work!

PJ said...

Hi! The worry in my life seems to come when I'm trying to go to sleep.

Jessica said...

~Oh my gosh, we must be related, I totally was telling Luke I want to have a party with all my blogging friends, kids and all! It would be so fun!
~I am so impressed with how fit you are getting!
~And if you want to go get a pedicure and manicure with the girls and I on Friday of father/son outing we would love you to join us!

dandee said...

Let me know the details of the party...I need a party.

Swimsuits are an evil word to me right now, I'm refusing to wear one this summer.

I can't wait to hear about your Tri experience. You will rock and we'll all celebrate.

Melissa said...

Kristen has the right idea on the swim suit - Lands End has GREAT suits. I'm sure you could find something you loved on their website.
You do have a lot on your mind! I've had nights like that too... where my mind almost feels like it's spinning because I am thinking of so many different things...
Hope you get some sleep tonight!

meohmyers said...

Ooooh! A blog party sounds fantastic! It would be so fun to put some names with faces!

I am so impressed with your endurance to train for a triathlon! That is something I just flat out do not posess. Can't wait to hear all about it!

I know it would take lots of research but you can find anything online. Just google swimsuits with the specific qualities you're looking for and you'll find the right one!

JustRandi said...

No wonder you can't sleep! I hate that when I'm up in the night worrying about stuff! Funny though, if I get up and write it all down, I sleep like a baby for the rest of the night.
Hey, I don't know what a blog party is, but I'm definitely in! LMK.

Marilyn said...

I just bought Madeline a swimsuit and got a great deal. has a lot of one piece competition style swimsuits and I got Madeline's for 19.99. Check it out.

I would come to a blog party.

Naomi Joy said...

blog parties are such a cool idea! I know people that met each other through blogs and are getting married. And others have become great friends through it and that is their group of close friends now. I of course wouldn't be able to come cause I live all the way up here in Vancouver BC! :S