Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yuba Lake, UT

The boys took a camping and fishing trip to Yuba Lake
on July 5-6th.

Ethan and Kaden love the boat.
Kaden liked to lay on the bow.

"I think I have a bite."

On Saturday the entire family went to the Lake to play.
Kaden and Ethan couldn't wait to tell everyone about surfing at the lake.

Ethan, Jensen, and Kaden riding the tube.
Jermey and Kaden playing in the water.

I'm not putting these chips down, but I'm not sure how to eat them either.

The "fast boat" according to Kaden. He loved riding on Bob's jet boat.

Sitting on the beach waiting for a turn on a boat, sleeping, eating and just hanging out.

Brynners was no match for the rocking motion of the boat.
She crashed out everytime we got on.


The wind up.

The pitch.

Safe landing.

The seaweed version of Rapunzel.

Jeremy is so handsome with hair, right?


Marilyn said...

That looks like tons of fun.

JustRandi said...

Oh look, you really do need ALL THAT SUNSCREEN!!
And who knew - all you need to get that adorable little girl to sleep every night is to live on a houseboat!
Looks like it was great fun!

Naomi Joy said...

aww looks like u had alot of fun!!

tharker said...

Kaden looks like he had a blast. I'm lovin Jeremy's locks!!!

dandee said...

Not much beats spending time with the family on the water. I have great memories boating with my family when I was a child. Your kids will remember this forever!

Tara said...

Hey Jeremy, i suggest that you grow your hair that look MARVELOUS!!!!

Melissa said...

Those pictures are awesome!! It looks like you had a fabulous time!!! Do you go here every year?