Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Puter Boken

In case you don't have a two year old to translate..... our computer is at Best Buy awaiting some technical love. Who knows when it will be back or when I'll get to post again (I'm currently posting on Jer's work computer...)

So, if you feel like you are missing me.... my phone still works, as does my front door.

PS we are in 9th ward, and love that our bishopric is all comprised of 30- somethings, well technically the whole ward probably.

I'm excited to get back with the OLD 6th warders.. should be fun, right?


Tharker said...

Yeah we're the old timers aren't we Heather? I am SO excited to be in the same ward again!!

kristen said...

I've been missing you ;-) I'd stop by, but I'm hundreds of miles away.

My bishop is like 30, so I know what you mean.

JustRandi said...

I've been missing you too! Maybe I'll swing by and pick up Kristin and we can come by for a visit. We'll be there around Friday.
Which will be a complete surprise for you because you may not have read this by then!

Maddy said...

Probably time a new template [this one's really tough on the eyes]

Melissa said...

Ah... sorry bout the computer troubles :S Never a fun thing!
Sounds like you're excited about the ward changes! That's good!!

Kris said...

That is great that you will be in 9th Ward. How fun. It sounds like that is a young, hip, ward that will have lots of fun with the young guys being in the bishopric. So cool! Hope you get your puter back soon!

Ms. Kristen said...

Hey Heather! I was just typing up the new list of primary kids and realized you are in the new 9th ward! It will be a great ward! Bishop Peterson is only 32!!! I am old! He is going to do a great job! He is humble and will love the people! Welcome back to our neck of the woods! Hey you could be the R.S. Pres.???!!!!!

Sarah said...

Good luck getting your computer up and running again. That is so crazy that your ward will basically be starting from scratch. Better watch out!