Friday, December 28, 2007

Randomly Random

* I got a new calling in the ward. Primary Pianist. This will be my 3rd time performing this calling during my married life and I'm excited to do it again (especially because I <3 the chorister).

* Jeremy and I did the Cable Bridge Run last Saturday. It was fun despite the facts: my time stunk, and Jeremy beat me. I immediately called Jessica in the car on the way home to inform her I need her as my pace setter in future races.

* I got a serious set of new pots and pans from Santa. The previous set were the $40 set from Wal*mart that we purchased with some leftover wedding money... it was time to upgrade.

* My tree is still up. A few other people have said their is already down. Does anyone keep theirs up till New Year's, or is that just a crazy tradition my family had???


Kris said...

Congrats on the new calling. That's fun! I'm always a scrooge and take my tree down right after Christmas! I think I'm one of a few though! So cool that you got some new pots and pans! I love good cooking items!

JustRandi said...

We usually keep ours up till new year's too.
Congrats on the race! I'm so jealous/ This darn knee injury!!

kristen said...

I totally keep mine up until New Year's. Gotta maximize the usage since it takes so long to put up in the first place.

And yay for the new calling!

PRP said...

Mine's still up and will be until Tuesday, I'm sure.

Play on, sister!

Gret job running in this cold weather. I have a doctor's appointment today and I'm sure Doc Turner will scold me for gaining about 50 lbs in the past month!

Sarah said...

For the last five years or so I've left my tree up until New Year's, but the Morgster required that I took it down ASAP. I couldn't take any more little hands in the tree.

Primary pianist, been there done that more than a few times. If you have a fun chorister it is a great calling to have.

Have fun cooking up some yummy dinners with your new pots and pans. It makes meal making a little more bearable I'm sure!

Marilyn said...

Mine are both still up until...tomorrow, I think.

Primary pianist is my FAVORITE calling OF ALL TIME! It is awesome!

Marilyn said...

P.S. I really love your template!

Lindsay said...

My tree is up as well.

I guess since you've been in YW the whole entire time I've known you, I didn't realize that you've been primary pianist 3 times. I'm sure it will be fun though.

Jared and I are all over having another dinner, by the way. I love me some egg rolls.

Tharker said...

You and Jessica will make a great team in Primary!

I need pots and pans in the worst way too. Maybe for next year's anniversary!

My tree is basically a fire hazard by this point. Today we un-decorated it, and put away all of the Christmas stuff, but the tree is still standing in our living room and will be until Spencer takes it out. We usually try to leave it up until New Year too, but this year the poor thing was just not going to make it.

You're awesome for even doing the run!!! I'm sure you did much better than you are giving yourself credit for.

dandee said...

I put away my decorations today. As soon as they start to show dust, I have to take them down. Dirty Christmas decorations aren't so appealing...

N.F. said...

I am the primary pianist in my ward, too!

And, we still have our tree up!


I have a good life said...

We keep ours up until New Year's...we have to have time to say goodbye to Christmas.

As for the tamales, they are different than Mexican as my DH is from Guatemala. The ones in the picture are actually El Salvadorean, which is close to Guatemalan and we bought them.

I have made them before, I do have a recipe if you want it. It is a TON of work to do alone, but not so bad if you have an assembly line!

No matter what, they are YUMMY!

BTW: I would change the diaper first.

Melissa said...

We took our tree down on New Years Day. I wanted to leave it up, but we have a real tree and it was starting to get really brittle...