Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is the picture that will grace our Christmas cards this year. Unfortunately when it printed on the card the color was totally wrong and the kids faces turned out really red and the background looks kind of greenish-blue. We not sure what happened and the place we took them too blamed the color distortion on the image being shrunk to fit the card. I smell something fishy, but we're sending them out anyway... cuz that's what you do when you wait until the last minute on Christmas cards. The envelopes are all addressed and stuffed with this holiday greeting. All we are waiting on is a witty letter to accompany them- they may be waiting a while. Merry Christmas. Happy addressing and envelope licking to you all as well.


Kate said...

That is a cute picture :)
You guys are ahead of us when it comes to the christmas cards!

tharker said...

It's adorable!

I love your kids, Heather!!

Chele said...

it is so cute I love it. can't wait to get it so it can go on my fridge

Brigette-boo said...

Your kids are SO darn cute! So weird I was looking at how cute your two girls and boy are and I thought that was what I expected, now I have two boys one was a weird moment! anyway, good job on getting cards done at all! not something I even attempted this year.