Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Wishes

35 Things You Might Not Know About Jeremy

*Jeremy was born in Canada and had duel citizenship up until he turned 18.
*He's the oldest of 4.
*He was Paper Boy of the Year back in the 80's.
*He and his friend Brent once set the field next to the Stake Center on fire.
*He also set his mattress on fire, see a pattern anyone?
*Jeremy and his sister Jessica went to Ricks College at the same time and possibly had too much fun together.
*Jeremy loves snowboarding.
*He spent 3 days in the hospital after a failed attempt at a back flip over a cat track on his snowboard.
*He once took me, my brother, my sister, our friend and his cousin snowboarding. He was the only one who had been before, a long day for sure.
*He really wanted to serve a mission somewhere where he could speak Spanish.
*He served in the Tampa, FL Mission which was english speaking
*He got home from his mission and I was still in Mia Maids. HA!
*Jeremy hates sweet potatoes. They eat a lot of sweet potatoes in Florida. He once stuffed one in his suit pocket to avoid eating it.
*Jeremy loves eating at "taco trucks".
*It's a 'don't ask don't tell policy' at those trucks for Jeremy.
*Jeremy loves rafting and especially guiding down the Hoback Junction in Jackson Hole, WY.
*He loves rafting so much he will do it even if he has a broken foot and a cast.
*Jeremy has a degree in Para medicine.
*He did a paramedic internship in Atlanta and has enough crazy stories from it to fill an entire evening.
*He got hired on with the Sacramento Fire Department and then promptly broke his foot. They withdrew the offer.
*He is certified in SCUBA.
*He wants to be locked in a cage and "swim with sharks".
*He loves to bungee jump.
*His favorite bungee jumps require you to pay in cash and do them at night... shady, yes.
*He loves backpacking and camping.
*He went skydiving for his 18th birthday.
*While in high school he bought a car without his parents knowing.
*Jeremy still thinks/talks about that '67 Fastback Mustang on a weekly basis.
*He once got a ticket for going 105 in a 55, while skipping school to see a girl. Nice.
*He is currently working on his Masters Degree in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management.
*Jeremy wrestled 145 in high school and yes, I will post a picture someday.
*He loves the snow and always said he wanted to get married in the winter (our anniversary is in May).
*Jeremy has been arrested and detained at the Canadian border along with his mother.
*Jeremy is wanting to train for the STP (Seattle-to-Portland) ride this year.
*He has a wife and three kids who simply adore him.

Today the man who keeps our family laughing turns one year older. If you see him in Pullman today or mutual tonight tell him his family says "Happy Birthday!"


tharker said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I had no idea that you were such a daredevil!

Dandee said...

I hope you have a good life insurance policy on that one. He's got some guts! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Kate said...

wow, what a risk-taker!!
Happy Birthday Jeremy!

PRP said...

Dude Jer, you're old.

Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

That is one huge cake in that picture! Hope he has a fantastic birthday doing something totally wild, crazy, and dangerous.

Stephanette said...

Happy Birthday to Heather's Jeremy.

I'm a don't ask don't tell kind of girl at the local Dairy Queen...does that make me a dare devil?

Hope you guys have a great day!

Sara said...

I am laughing so hard at some of the comments, Jeremy is one crazy guy. Happy Birthday.

tharker said...

Spencer says he remembers that Mustang and it was SWEET!

He also wants to see the wrestling pics!

KIMBO said...

Wow. i did not know any of that. Except his wrestling weight

goddessdivine said...

Ok, my life is so boring compared to that.

Arrested in Canada, eh? ;-)

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to Jeremy! Wow, that's some pretty amazing stuff! I bet life never gets boring! ;)

Kristy said...

We need to get he and Alden together. They have a ton in common based on this list.

Jodi said...

Happy B-Day Jeremy!

Thanks for stopping by! Swing back and vote for your fav purple entry! Hurry ends tom!

Jodi said...

Happy B-Day Jeremy!

Thanks for stopping by! Swing back and vote for your fav purple entry! Hurry ends tom!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I DID know about the setting fire to the field thing. My Jeremy also wrestled in high school, although I think he was more like 110. Seriously.

Jessica said...

Great list! And yes we did have too much fun at Ricks, I can't even imagine going there with out my big brother!

Wendy said...

What a great tribute to Jeremy!! This pretty much sums up the few words I used to describe him several years ago. "WILD AND CRAZY".

I have to say my favorite one, was getting arrested and detained at the Canadian border (as well as his MOM!!)

This was great.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!