Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It's the 2nd of December. I can not believe it. While quite often time has seemed to creep by the last 8 months, it also has had an uncanny knack for flying by as well. Now, if I ever manage to multi-task like that you better watch out. But just between you and me I think we're safe in assuming that won't happen. I'm already feeling the full effect of the Christmas Spirit and it's going be one perfect month. We are so blessed.

*holiday decor (which I semi- scaled down from last year) is up
*Jeremy braved the roof and strung up the most perfectly straight line of lights ever
*oohed and ahhed over three precious newborn babies
*we've enjoyed lots of quality time with family
*explained, in depth, why the Who's were happy even after the Grinch stole their "things"
*purchased a beautiful tree (with a coupon even)
*decorated this fabulous tree with mismatched, sentimental, and perfect ornaments
*read the book "I Believe In Santa Claus"
*named and placed our "scout elf" who is keeping a watchful eye on our little ones
*cranked up the tunes on the Christmas Station
*finished almost all of the simplified shopping
*making exciting plans to spend Christmas with my family
*Christmas photo, for the grandkids, is scheduled for this afternoon
*our manger is being prepped for Baby Jesus' arrival with lots and lots of kind deeds

I think the only thing we're lacking is some Holiday baking... it's in the works.

Merry Christmas!


PRP said...

As always, your cheery disposition knocks my socks off. It is a blessed season indeed.

Merry Christmas Heather!

Sarah said...

I like the sound of your scout elf. I think we might need one of those around our place!

lindsay>boo said...

I was thinking the same thing. We might need a scout elf around our place too.

I just love the Christmas Season!

And what the freak are you listening to the Christmas station for when you have like 5 fabulous Christmas CD's to listen to....

goddessdivine said...

What?! No holiday baking?! Where are your priorities?! ;-)

The Shumakers said...

wow, I thought I was doing good to do some grocery shopping, go to my dr.'s appt and make cookies. Hmmm...seems I'm totally inefficient!

Heather said...

I almost put in addendum that we save the B's Christmas Selections for the few weeks before Christmas... you know those days when you just need a little Back Door Santa!

AOlson said...

I hear it Heather, and I feel it too!! Merry Christmas!!!

tharker said...

You have me all excited for Christmas now! And I second the call for "Back Door Santa!"

Andre said...

You've done all that already??????? I'm still reminiscing over Thanksgiving. We do have Christmas lights up outside so we're not completely unChristmasy

Nancy Face said...

This post is so happy! Have a WONDERFUL Christmas with your family! :)

Amy said...

I can't believe it's the end of the year either! But now I'm ready for Christmas, so bring it on.
I'm so proud you used a coupon to buy your tree, and Kim would be proud too. Mismatched ornaments is the way to go.
Have fun with your family! I'm a little bit jealous! I wish I was spending Christmas with my family, but it will be nice to have a quiet one here alone. (and by quiet I mean besides all the squeals of excitement when my kids see what I got them... oooh I can't wait)
Speaking of Christmas baking, I need to get on round 2 of that...

Jessica said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...