Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Memories: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

Christmas was so fun. It always is, but this year was different. This year we headed to my parents new house in Utah. And it was the first time all nine of my siblings and I have all been together for Christmas! (weird, I know but when kids join the family after others are married that's just the way it goes). Before this year the family hadn't been together since 1999, 10 years. It was time.

While there we toured the lights at Temple Square. Pretty much this
is one of those things that are non-negotiable. If we're in Utah- we go. And even though it doesn't change much I never get sick of seeing it. If you've never been- do yourself a favor and try to get there some time

The snow was falling gently and it was picture perfect. Until a snowball fight in the parking lot turned to tears. It's all fun and games until... well, you know.

I could go on and on about the details, but that's just not me and I really don't have 8 hours to spend on this post. I'm already about 2 hours past my allotted 20 minutes. So here it is in a few simple pictures.

Christmas Eve excitement.

Christmas morning joys.

Her favorite part of Christmas was that gumball machine!
I don't think she let go of it for the entire day.

Me and my little niece snuggling early, early Christmas morn.
Please disregard the sleepless look

Jeremy and Kaden built this snow fort. I don't know how much credit we should actually give Kaden although, the fort was his idea. It was awesome and huge.
We got 5 adults and two kids in there and still had room.


We sledded like crazy down this amazing hill/gorge thing across the street almost every day. The big mishap (amazingly enough there was only one) was a broken leg on a 4 year-old.

The verdict: Sledding is fun, a cast is not.

Now THAT is a sledding hill.
Good thing there was no motorized rope tow. That LONG walk up the hill was the only leverage we had to get the kids home.

Isn't this view to die for??
The mountains aren't too shabby either.

All in all we stayed up too late, ate too much, laughed too hard, played way too much RockBand and Rummikub and realized just how blessed we are to have been able to spend this Holiday with family.

Christmas 2009 is declared a success!


LEISHMAN'S said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Cool fort!

PRP said...

So glad you had such a great holiday. You and your family deserved it!

And next time it snows here, I want Jeremy to build us a snow fort. That thing is awesome!

Shayla said...

Seriously, I think there are people with "real" houses smaller than that snow fort! ;-) What a great Christmas! I am so jealous that you got to be together with ALL of your family at once, our family is getting to be like that. Too many people, too spread out.

dandee said...

what a fun memory for your children! They'll never forget it, for sure.

lindsay>boo said...

Okay, that's the coolest fort ever. We never get enough snow here to make a fort of that magnitude.

I love the lights at Temple Square. Glad you were able to go there.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Brooklet said...

Christmas is so much more exciting when spent with family- glad you were able to get everyone together.

Plus, all that snow and fort building and sledding makes your christmas look like a winter wonderland- except for the broken leg- bummer.

goddessdivine said...

That fort is SO cool!!

Glad you had a great Christmas!

tharker said...

That picture of the snow falling on Temple Square is so beautiful! Frame that thing!!

We only ever get enough snow to make a snow shanty...but that snow fort is awesome!

Vern said...

I would SO take you in Rummikub.

Lisa said...

Sounds absolutely magical.

Daae' said...

Your Christmas looks so fun and nice!! Love the pics you took at Temple Square!

Andre said...

The snow fort looks awesome and looking at that sledding hill makes me want to do it. I used to go sledding a lot in my younger days but now that I'm older I like being warm. Looks like a fun time!

Stephanette said...

I'm going to repeat that I think you look great.

I may be jealous!

PS We should set a Rummikub game at a halfway meeting point.

Just a suggestion.

Amy said...

Wow. That's wonderful. Glad you had a great Christmas.

I never get sick of the lights on Temple Square either! Sad to say I haven't seen them in 8 years.