Monday, January 18, 2010


1. I am still alive.
2. I never blog anymore.
3. I would rather play SuperMario on Wii than blog.
4. I've been released officially as the Primary Pianist for 3 weeks and have yet to make it to Relief Society.
5. I subbed in nursery and actually liked it.
6. I'm happy to sub in nursery for the next two months (till Ella is official) and then I'll have to get back to you after that.
7. I read this blog from my cousin and laughed so hard it made me want start blogging again.
8. I love the show Hoarders, and it makes me want to get rid of lots of stuff. Win-win.
9. I have no New Years Resolutions and I'm totally OK with it.

The End.


Sarah said...

I know that you are secretly dying to do a big old long blog post about something. Ha! Yay for Ella almost being in nursery!

goddessdivine said...

What? You'd rather play Super Mario than blog?! ;-)

Kate said...

I am actually loving watching gabe play indiana jones than watch tv! great games.
I hear you on nursery...I actually found it fun but not sure how I would feel about being in there every week :)

Carianne said...

umm #1.. Thanks for the shout out i feel like like I've made it to the big time. next stop Oprah.. and #2 I miss you blogging you are my whitty inspiration :)

PRP said...

Please blog again! Those of us living in the dark ages who haven't gotten SuperMario yet are relying on you for entertainment!

LKP said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! that was to your super mario bros bullet point. same here. ever since it arrived at christmas time, we've been almost incapable of doing anything else. i'm positive it's the devil's grand scheme. we've been the most lax parents we've EVER been with daisy since this game. it's ridiculous. luckily seth whooped the game last night. i figured that would be a definite slowing to our need to mario, however when you beat the game, a secret world 9 pops up! so, i guess there's no relief in sight quite yet. glad that we are not alone. brings back warm fuzzy memories from growing up. =) glad you're back. have missed your posts.

AOlson said...

We have 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 in common. Maybe I'll come over and we can not blogg together;)

lindsay>boo said...

I hear ya---no new blog posts for me or new year's resolutions, for that matter.

Hoarders fascinates me too.

See, you need to keep bloggin' though, cuz how would I have known you love Hoarders, if you didn't blog about it?

Jessica said...

Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones have made me addicted! RS is overrated when you have to do "Toddler RS".

Vern said...

I don't want to blog anymore either. We should start a blog about not wanting to blog. (Serious about the first part, joking about the 2nd part.)

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