Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sweet Epiphany (or three)

Wedding cake.
I was a little skeptical when the bride told me the color scheme but I actually love the way it turned out.

Jeremy was out of town so the kids watched Ponyo (one of the lamest movies ever- a fish that wants to be human... fail) like 7 times before I got all those hand-cut leaves and vines created and placed around all 4 sides.

My good friend was expecting baby #5 and so of course we've gotta have some cake.
I thought it would be funny/clever to have a question mark for the baby's initials since they hadn't decided on a name... turned out they had decided on the name and no one told me.
Jokes on the baker.

I'd been wanting to try out some argyle patterns.
Turns out hand painted stitching sucks and takes forever.
At least it looks cute.

5-tiered wedding monster.
I seriously was having heart palpitations assembling this cake on site.
Having an audience didn't help the stress level either.

Classic, beautiful and not falling over.
I call it success.

What have you been up to this summer?


goddessdivine said...

I love them all!! They look fabulous. Seriously--you are a master at cakes!

Chelsea said...

I agree, all three are awesome. Way to go!

Leishman's said...

Beautiful cakes! Good job!

Vern said...

I love pictures of your cakes. You know what would be better than pictures though? Exactly.

tharker said...

I love all three, but I think my very favorite would be Susi's cake. That argyle? So cute, and so perfect for a little boy.

Dlovesocks said...

Heather, I had know idea you decorated cakes! I love the wedding cake w/ the flowers on it. So pretty!