Monday, June 23, 2008

Fishing: A How To Guide

First you have to get yourself some bait.

I can't believe she actually picked them up.

You may want to test your bait beforehand... or not.

Then you are ready to bait your hook and cast the line.

Be prepared to do a whole lot of waiting...

When you finally 'hook one' it may surprise you, but be ready to reel it in.

Sometimes fish aren't ready to give up even when they hit the shore, so be prepared to chase it down if necessary.

Consoling your catch after it's defeat is optional.

But taking pictures is NOT.

This fish's name was Waldo, can you find him?

She's still got some girl in her...

No matter the size be proud of your catch!


Chele said...

love the pictures. Looks like the kids had a great time.

Stephanette said...

Oooh that's one of my favorite memories - fishing with my dad and grandpa.

Karla said...

Cute post and cute pictures!

How fun to be able to catch a fish. I'm not a fan of fishing but it's probably because I've never caught a fish!

ashley said...

These fishing pictures are SO CUTE! The kids look adorable, and I love the one where Brynnlee is afraid of the fish while Kaden looks so proud with his!