Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last week Amy requested photos of our fridges. Here's mine in all it's un-staged glory.

What does this say about our family?
It says:
  • We don't have a showroom kitchen fridge.
  • I'm taking a glucose test in a few weeks, and even though I've done it twice before I kept the directions just so I don't mess anything up.
  • I have a remote for my undercabinet cd player in case those 5 steps across the kitchen seem insurmountable.
  • We are halfway through the Book of Mormon in our family reading.
  • I'm so sick of the Singing Tad and his farm animals and alphabet that he's been removed, but some magnets still remain.
  • Jeremy's jury duty has been deffered until August.
  • I'm a sucker for Relief Society magnet handouts- I just can't toss them without it feeling sacreligious. :)
  • Jeremy and I are nervous parents. Before opening our Wii we sat down as a family and created rules and had Kaden and Brynns sign a contract. Scoff, but it has been great during many a Wii-related meltdowns.
  • We have a lot of weddings to attend.
  • I have $20!?!?!
  • My grocery list is way too long.
  • I have intentions of taking my kids to the Free Family Film Festival at least once this summer.
  • And a whole lotta other things....
Let's see what your fridge says!


Jan said...

Heather, you have a showroom fridge. I love it. It says home, family, love, riches, and eternal principles being taught and lived.

It is great. Thanks for sharing.

tharker said...

Yeah, I'm a little sick of the singing Tad at our house too.

Jscrapalex said...

There is a singing tad barn set on my mom's fridge too. My nephews play with it all the time and it drives me nuts! :) What a creative blog idea... maybe I should post pictures of my fridge

Kris said...

Yeah this is cute. Your contract with the kids about the Wii is hilarious! I love it. I like my RS handouts too!

Megan said...

Looks about like mine. covered in pictures and notes and magnets, announcements etc. and i have a 20$ hanging there too--wheee

debsters said...

How long has that $20 been there?That wouldn't last 20 min. here.

"You've made a match, look what you've found. You've made a match, hear a (insert animal name) sound."

Sorry, not funny.

Sara said...

I love that you consider your awesome fridge "not a showroom" fridge. Mine is still one of those lame downstairs upstairs opening kind. Crazy.

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

ha ha.. i deferred jury duty until August too.. looks like Jeremy and i will be doing the same boring thing come the 8th month! good luck w/the glucose test.. i think you'll do fine =)

Sarah said...

I love it! That's a real mom's fridge right there. My frigde has a lot of the same things on it, magnets, family pictures, things to remember, drawings from Kendle, newspaper clippings, takeout menus...I try to declutter it about once a month but what's the use?

kristen said...

Very clever post title. I love it.

Lauren said...

I totally have that Mary Englebreit notepad in my desk at work. Twins.

AOlson said...

Love the fridge Heather!!! So what about this Wii contract? I may need one too! It gets crazy in here once that thing goes on!!

Melissa said...

My fridge says that my kids like to draw and paint... especially Baby Girl!!