Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mariners Cuties

All the kids before the game. Ethan, Jensen, Kaden and Brynnlee.

Another shot before the game.
Life is good when you have your own seat!
He's cute for an Angels fan...
Brynnlee spent innings 4-8 snuggled up to Daddy for a nap.
This little guy did a great job of keeping me warm!

Brynnlee had to have a Rally Monkey.
I must admit they are pretty cute together.

One last shot before we said goodbye.


Kris said...

Cute pictures of your kids. I love the Rally Monkey! So fun!

Sarah said...

Your making me want to head back to Sea-town for another game. Glad you guys had such a fun time as a family.

Chele said...

love the pictures. looks like you had a blast. How is the pregnancy going.

tharker said...

Looks like your kids had a great time!

Stephanette said...

Oooh...I'm jealous you have the background I almost chose. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday. Go Mariners!

Karla said...

Looks like fun! Hope you had an amazing birthday!

My brother in law just moved south of Seattle to Olympia. We are excited to maybe go see him next summer. How many hours does it take for you to get to Seattle? If it's not too far maybe we will stop by for a visit.