Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Update

Kaden Andrew, 3 yrs

Brynnlee Carol-Lynn, 18 months

Brynnlee, 2 yrs

Brynnlee, 2 yrs
Ella Marie, 6 months

Ella, 6 months

Ella, 6 months
Ella, 6 months
Ella Marie 2 months

Ella 2 months, blessing dress

Just I thought I would upload some pictures I found for family.


Ben and Alissa said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of Ella where you can see her gums, I love baby gums with no teeth yet, sooooo cute!

Chele said...

they are so very cute. I love them all. Since I never got back to you, we are going to Redmond, Oregon. I don't know how close to you that is. Anyways isn't it crazy how fast little ones grow up

tharker said...

You make some cute kids, that's for sure!!

Brigette-boo said...

That Ella is TOO cute for her own good, but then again, so are your other two!

Breann said...

They are so cute. It has been forever since I have seen a picture of them. You have cute kids!

KIMBO said...

i can't help but think that ella and ammie look a lot a like. they are cousins but ammie is a bit more pale.

Amy said...

Ella's 6 month pictures are DARLING!