Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in a Name?

A friend requested some name suggestions for the baby boy she is having. The only stipulation was it needed to be the name of a city since they already have a theme going with the rest of their children. So I googled some ways to pull up city names. And I ran across this site that listed weird city names. It wasn't helpful in my name endeavor but entertaining none the less.

Section, AL
Shorter, AL
St. Elmo, AL

Candle, AK
Dead Horse, AK
Krik, AK
Mary's Igloo, AK
Nightmute, AK
North Pole, AK

Monkey's Eyebrow,AZ
Why, AZ

Bonanza, CO
Hasty, CO
Hygiene, CO
Joes, CO
Last Chance, CO
Lay, CO
Paradox, CO
Yellow Jacket, CO

Bear, DE
Blades, DE

Briny Breezes, FL
Cadillac, FL
Celebration, FL
Christmas, FL
Day, FL
Elfers, FL
Frostproof, FL
Havana, FL
Lorida, Florida
Mayo, FL
Picnic, FL
Sopchoppy, FL
Spuds, FL
Two Egg, FL
Wacahoota, FL
Yeehaw Junction, FL

Alley, GA
Enigma, GA
Experiment, GA
Hephzibah, GA
Homerville, GA
Ideal, GA
Quitman, GA

Energy, IL
Normal, IL

Bacon, IN
Birds Eye, IN
Buddha, IN
French Lick, IN
Santa Claus, IN
Solitude, IN

Beebeetown, IA
Elvira, IA
Iowa Falls, IA
Sac City, IA
Tingley, IA
What Cheer, IA

Buttermilk, KS
Gas, KS
Moonlight, KS
Petrolia, KS
Protection, KS
Skiddy, KS
Smileyberg, KS
Speed, KS
Yoder, KS
Zook, KS

Kentucky: (Positively takes the cake!)
Beauty, KY
Burning Springs, KY
Cadillac, KY
Cranks, KY
Combs, KY
Cut Shin, KY
Decoy, KY
Duckers, KY
Dukedom, KY
Dwarf, KY
Hazard, KY
Hippo, KY
Jetson, KY
Krypton, KY
Lovely, KY
Moon, KY
Mummie, KY
Mud Lick, KY
Oddville, KY
Ono, KY
Ordinary, KY
Oscar, KY
Parrot, KY
Petroleum, KY
Pippa Passes, KY
Pyramid, KY
Quicksand, KY
Ready, KY
Redhouse, KY
Relief, KY
Ringos Mills, KY
Select, KY
Shoulderblade, KY
Slusher, KY
Sligo, KY
Top Most, KY
Turkey, KY
Viper, KY
Vortex, KY
Wax, KY
Yeadiss, KY
Zoe, KY

Angie, LA
Archie, LA
Cutoff, LA
Dry Prong, LA
Eros, LA
Fort Necessity, LA
Plain Dealing, LA
Slaughter, LA
Trout, LA
Vixen, LA
Waterproof, LA

Mount Desert Island, ME
Strong, ME

Boring, MD
California, MD
Crappo, MD
Hale, Maryland
Point of Rocks, MD
Scaggsville, MD

Cummaquid, MA

Christmas, MI
Climax, MI
Gay, MI
Hell, MI
Lake, MI
Nirvanna, MI
Paradise, MI
Saline, MI

Askew, MS
Bobo, MS
Hot Coffee, MS
Petal, MS

Competition, MO
Elmo, MO
Fairdealing, MO
Gipsy, MO
Novelty, MO
Pumpkin Center,
MO Skidmore, MO
Success, MO

Magnet, NE

Pahrump, Nevada

New Jersey:
Piscataway, NJ

New Mexico:
Flying H, NM
Truth Or Consequences, NM
Weed, NM

New York:
Busti, NY
Flushing, NY
Horseheads, NY

North Carolina:
Cooleemee, NC
Kill Devil Hills, NC

North Dakota:
Arthur, ND
Beach, ND
Can do, ND
Mott, ND
Hoople, ND
Horace, ND
Max, ND
Ray, ND
Napolean, ND
Zap, ND

Gaysport, OH
Businessburg, OH

Bowlegs, OK
Kremlin, OK
Loco, OK
Happyland, OK

Boring, OR, OR

Beaverdale, PA
Bird-in-Hand, PA
Blue Ball, PA
Intercourse, PA
Jugtown, PA
Manda Gap, PA
Scalp Level, PA
Squirrel Hill, PA
Stalker, PA
Stiltz, PA
Burning Well, PA

South Carolina:
Ninety-six, SC
North, SC

South Dakota:
Bonesteel, SD
Box Elder, SD
Crooks, SD
Eaglebutte, SD
Gayville, SD
Mud Butte, SD
Pukwana, SD
Roscoe, SD
Tea, SD

Bangs, TX
Bushland, TX
Camelot, TX
Canadian, TX
Cut and Shoot, TX
Dozier, TX
Dripping Springs, TX
Earth, TX
Friendship, TX
Gun Barrel City, TX
Happy, TX
Lazbuddie, TX
Lolita, TX
Muleshoe, TX
Nacogdoches, TX
Needmore, TX
Notrees, TX
Old Glory, TX
Pep, TX
Progress, TX
Quail, TX
Skidmore, TX
Schertz, TX
Tiki Island, TX
Turkey, TX
Tuxedo, TX
Twitty, TX
Valentine, TX
Study Butte, TX
Telegraph, TX
Rankin, TX
Royalty, TX
Midkiff, TX
Best, TX
Veribest, TX
Sweetwater, TX
China Grove, TX
China Grove, TX (yes two of 'um)
Lawn, TX
Grow, TX
Cee Vee, TX
Zunkerville, TX
Bigfoot, TX
RingGold, TX
Petty, TX
Boston, TX
Old Boston, TX
New Boston, TX
Tigertown, TX
Ben Franklin, TX
Chocolate Bayou, TX
Needville, TX
Oatmeal, TX
Blanket, TX
Flat, TX
Moss Hill, TX
Honey Island, TX
Egypt, TX
Rosebud, TX

Disputanta, VA

Aloha, WA
Humptulips, WA
Index, WA
La Push, WA
Medical Lake, WA
Onion Creek, WA
Pysht, WA
Ritzville, WA
Ruff Starbuck, WA
Thrall, WA
Tiger, WA
Walla Walla, WA
Zillah, WA

West Virginia:
Acme, WV
Alloy, WV
Boggs, WV
Canvas, WV
Forks-Of-Cacpon, WV
Friendly, WV
Frost, WV
Left Hand, WV
Mammoth, WV
Man, WV
Maud, WV
Muddlety, WV
Odd, WV
Pinch, WV
Shanghai, WV
Sod, WV
Tornado, WV


Bairoil, WY

Jackson Hole, WY


Lauren said...

I have been to Why, AZ...and it was the most unfortunate town I have ever seen.

Kelly said...

My brother lives in Quitman, GA.

goddessdivine said...

'French Lick' gets my vote. But any of those names in Kentucky wins a close second.

Kris said...

These are hilarious. Darn, I was hoping for some good ideas on boy names! Instead I got a good laugh!

Stephanette said...

I love Yoder, KS. It's an Amish community with the best restaurants, butchers, furniture makers in he old tradition.

On a side note, we have an Austin, Carson, Branson, and Dallas in the family.

Stacia said...

I just keep thinking of having to say your city to people on the phone and such. Having them say, what? and then having to repeat the city. Where to you live?
Yes, Hell, Michigan.

Thanks for listing these! :)

Brooklet said...

I don't know, Intercourse, PA would be a hard city to live in. I mean, awkward!

tharker said...

Monkey's Eyebrow and Humptulips are totally on the top of my list for our next kid, so I hope she doesn't steal those!

Heather said...

I don't know Tiff those names might get snatched up pretty quick!

Kate said...

Can you imagine someone naming their child "Oddville"? Yikes :)

John Dent said...

Definitely Monkey's eyebrow.

KoryO said...

whats so weird about ray nd???? gotta love this little town

LKP said...

how is it that Sequim missed that list?!

Amy said...

Monkey's eyebrow is by far my favorite. That is awesome.

Amy said...

Although it could be fun to tell people you're from Crappo.

Andre said...

Oh, what stamina you have to have not suggested any of the weird ones to me! That's a kick! Some of those places I'd be embarrassed to live! (Or to name my child.)

brookb said...

I also love French Lick and Sopchoppy. These are too funny! How do you Pysht?

Sarah said...

I'm surprised that my two hometowns of Irrigon and Boardman didn't make the list for Oregon.

Vern said...

Aw, come on. "Nightmute"? That seems like it would invite such good karma!

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

wow, that was exhausting!! why can't you name a kid french lick or blue ball??

Nancy Face said...

What the cabbage?!

Those city names are FOOLISH...funny, too! :D

Bullitt said...

I'd say Monkeyes Eyebrow, AZ is a knockoff. The real and first Monkeyes Eyebrow is in KENTUCKY! Where else would it be? LOL!!! Do a map search on the city name.