Monday, February 26, 2007


Saturday Jeremy and I headed over to Bluewood for a day of snowboarding. It was a rough start. First, we forgot our 2 for 1 ticket, and had to go back to the house to get it. Since we both forgot to charge our cell phones and don't have car chargers we headed to the store to pick one up. Jeremy forgot his keys so we had to turn around on the freeway to go home and pick them up. Then once we got to the store Jeremy accidentally set off the alarm and didn't have the code to turn it off. So after sitting there for about 10 minutes with the alarm blaring finally someone called back with the right code. And of course they didn't have chargers for either of our phones.

Then we were off, after a stop at Sunmart for a drink.

Once we got to Bluewood and started changing I asked Jeremy where my socks were.

"I didn't bring socks for you."

The night before I told him I didn't have socks and he said he had some for me- I assumed he would pack them. NOPE. And I didn't have a hat either. So lucky for us the lodge was having a buy 3 things and get 40% off sale. So after searching for a hat, finding some socks and a new stomp pad (I know I had one the last time we rode) we paid for everything and finished getting dressed.

Jeremy wasn't sure I was ready to go to the top after missing all last season and only going once the year before, so we took the tow rope up the bunny hill. I almost fell, but held on! After negotiating down the hill OK, we headed for the lift.

All in all it was a slow start but the day was so fun. Very windy, and it snowed all day but there was quite a bit of powder and not too much ice- which is important when you are falling as often as I am.

I'm getting better. Not once did I fall getting off the lift, and I usually could make it down the run only falling 3 or 4 times. I even slowly eased my way down a few hills with caution signs. I am still so sore and I can't really move my neck even after two days of recovery. But I can't wait to go again!! Anyone want join us??


hatch said...

Oh your Saturday experience reminds mw so much of the last time Dan and I took our kids snowmobiling. Rough start, but we had fun and then came to a flood in our laundry room. I am you had a good time. I love your music today.

Alicia said...

Reading your blog was like watching a sitcom! I'm glad that ultimately you had fun. Bill is always trying to get me to go snowboarding and every season I say, "one of these years I'll go" but I can't bring myself to do it again!

PRP said...

We'll totally go! Granted, I've only snowboarded once but I can ski pretty well...I'd love to try snowboarding again though. Name the day, we'll be there.

dandee said...

Glad you had a good time! I admire you for being a snowboarder. I don't like to be cold, so I think if I go I'll stay in the lodge, by the fire and drink my hot chocolate.
p.s. Lisa Loeb rocks!

Jessica said...

You know me and skiing, not a good combination! I think I will just stay home and watch the kids again......Or maybe I will join Danyelle in the lodge!

tharker said...

What a fun day. Although if we would have had the same slow start, Spencer would have been ticked and we would have just bailed on the trip. Good for you for not falling too much. I've never been skiing or snowboarding, so I know I would biff it even on the bunny hill. I think I would be joining Danyelle and Jessica in the lodge. Hey, maybe we could make the food for all of you hard core snow people!

Heather said...

I will take food and babysitting!

emahaf said...

That sounds like so much fun, rough start or not. I love to ski, we had big plans to go snowboarding/sking this winter but with the baby we will have to wait until next year.