Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Post You Have Been Waiting For!

The Digital Camera.

What more can I say, it is the invention of all inventions. The digital era really broke down some walls for me. I used to be a stingy picture taker. I didn't want to waste film, nor the money to develop that film if the picture was lame. Therefore; only carefully posed and meaningful shots ever got snapped. And lots of fun ones got missed. Having a digital camera really eased that rigid thinking.

AND then along came a precious device called a cell phone with a built in camera. I love having a camera on my phone! I will never have a phone without a camera...never, unless something better comes around.

I'm still not fabulous at taking advantage of every photo opporunity but having the camera handy in your cell phone really has done wonders for me. I have lots chances to take pictures that I normally might not get, because I never take our camera anywhere, but my cell phone goes everywhere!

I was recently transferring photos from my phone to the computer and I had so many pictures on my phone that I thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you.

Here are some of my "spur of the moment" pictures and reasons behind taking them!

Showing Jeremy how much the kids were enjoying the Pinocchio play at Pasco High, I was hoping he was having as much fun at home with Brynnlee.

Showing Jeremy what bringing home the Sees Chocolate sucker does.

The Seahawk fan was determined to keep the hat on, even while getting his teeth cleaned. They were playing the Bears that weekend!

She's just so cute. I have to take pictures!

Remember the ONE snowfall we had that left enough snow to make a snowman? Kaden and I jumped on the bandwagon and even turned him into a green alien... the rocks just wouldn't stay in that guy's mouth though.


Marilyn said...

Heather, I am not only impressed that you remember to take all of these pictures, but that you figured out how to get them off your camera and onto your computer. You either are a computer genius or are married to one.

Kristy said...

Those are reall fun pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Jackie B. said...

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing. Maybe we should upgrade to phones with a camera. It was an option, but we didn't do it. hmmm...

PRP said...

Kaden at the dentist??? CLASSIC. I LOVE IT!

Heather said...

He's such a goof, I know! He thought he was so awesome that day because he got to wear his hat AND those cool glasses!

Chele said...

Hey love the pictures. Isn't it amaxing how fast little kids grow. Do did Kaden actually let the dentist clean his teeth? KaLisi went to the dentist and we had to brib her to get her teeth cleaned. I am still trying to figure out what phone I want to get I see that a camera phone would be a great investment.

Heather said...

Kaden loves going to the dentist. He willingly lets them poke and prod all they want.