Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Alicia's Blog... it was so funny I had to share!

New Years Resolutions....A Poem, by Alicia Leppert

For my first resolution, I want to lose weight.
Having a waistline would really be great.
Second I'm going to stick to my budget.
My platinum Visa? I won't even touch it.
I'm going to work out an hour each day
I'll wear my bikini on Oprah in May.
I'll read the scriptures from cover to cover
When I've memorized one book, I'll just start another.
I'll have dinner ready each evening by five
McDonald's revenue will soon take a dive.
I'll go to be early and give up my naps
(I swear I just heard a "yeah, right" and a laugh.)
I'll play with my kids each an hour a day
I'll throw the t.v. and their movies away
Once that's all accomplished I'll fly to the moon
then solve worldwide hunger and violence, real soon.
So let's be realistic and freely admit,
that six weeks from now, my clothes still won't fit,
I'll be in the drive-through at old Mickey D's
with my Visa in hand to avoid bounced-check fees
I'll be up long past ten, and take three hour naps
while my kids sit there watching Boots, Dora and Map.
I will try the scriptures, at least a few books,
then maybe my failures will be overlooked!


Alicia said...

Heather!! That is the best compliment ever! I cannot tell you how honored I am that you put my poem on your blog! You just made my day.

Jessica said...

Alicia, your poem was amazing, you are very talented! If you don't mind can I email it to some friends, It's like you were in my mind with all those resolutions!! Keep you the good work!

Thanks for posting it Heather!

Alicia said...

You can absolutely send it to your friends, it makes me feel so good that you would want to!