Monday, March 22, 2010

Drop Baby, Drop Baby, Drop

I have heard these words over and over and over and over all weekend long. Don't worry I'm not buggin' out yet because it's just so dang cute when your kiddos are singing this together. At this point I'll take anything that doesn't involve fighting between Brynnlee and Kaden.

Thanks to our super cool neighbor, Chris, for jamming out at the ward talent show and bringing this song into our world. We love it.

Are you feeling it too?


Amy said...

Dude. I lie not, I have had this song stuck in my head all day long!

charith said...

I missed the talent show. Totally spaced it. I haven't heard this song for years! Time to dig out my old mix tapes.

Vern said...


tharker said...

Hannah was singing this for two solid days after the talent show. Cool!!