Thursday, March 18, 2010

That's the Impression that I Get

Ok. True story.

A while back as I was hangin' out with two good friends after the kidlets were in bed. We were going to be indulging in a somewhat sad chick flick and thus we prepped ourselves:

ice cream - check
movie - check

So, yeah, that's about where the 'preparation' ended. Oh, except for this little doozie:

My friend turns to me and says: "You aren't going to make fun of me when I cry, right?"

I was appalled and even kind of offended that she would even have to ask that question. Let's be honest- I am not the kind of person who makes fun of people. So I shot back "What? I never make fun of people."


That was obviously the wrong thing to say because the look they both gave me {imagine disbelief mixed with shock with a little annoyance thrown in for good measure} could have killed. Then they both burst into riotous laughter. And then finally they proceeded to tell me that they couldn't believe that that even came out of my mouth because, in fact, I make fun of people ALL. THE. TIME.

Well, of course, I had to explain myself.

Ok, YES, I make fun of people. If you do something totally lame or funny YES you will hear it from me for the rest of your life. If I think something you say is crazy, YES, I'll call you out on it every chance I get. YES, sarcasm and I have a personal relationship. Trust me, I know I milk every last drop of fun out of good entertainment but that doesn't mean I don't have a soul. It's not like I would ever be cast as Regina George in Mean Girls. I only make fun of people when it will be funny to us all. Not when you are huddled with 3 friends bawling over a sappy love story.

Well, at least that's the defense I'm sticking with. I know, right? How am I not bankrolling as the best lawyer ever?

So, what's your take on the "making-fun-of-people heather"?


goddessdivine said...

Did you say "I may make fun of people; just not to their face."

Is it bad that I think Mean Girls is funny? Because I do. Making fun of people (within reason) makes life more enjoyable. I guess I'm going to hell now....

lindsay>boo said...

I know where you are coming from because that is so the way we are over here. I know that you do not have a mean or malicious bone in your body. You do not make fun of people to be hurtful or mean or to tear them down. I LOVE your sense of humor. Your HI-LARIOUS and sure you're sarcastic but you only joke around at stuff if you know that you're around the type of people that can laugh at themselves and that they'll think it's funny too.

Sara said...

Isn't that why we love you?

Kate said...

ditto to what sara said!

You being sarcastic with me or laughing at something I have done keeps me level headed....that it really isn't as serious as I think it is and that I need to take a deep breath....seriously.

But not once has it ever bothered me, I actually love it. It is what I love about you....and the fact that you have an infectious laugh, is great too!

And one other thing...I wouldn't really say you were "making fun of" someone....that seems mean...there has to be a better word for it!

Sarah said...

A good sense of humor is what makes the hard parts of life bearable and you've mastered the art of making light of hard situations. I could never picture you making fun of someone in a way that would hurt their feelings. I love your ability to make sarcastic remarks. Don't stop!

Vern said...

Uhhh...I'm pretty sure you know where I stand on this.

tharker said...

I get you, Heather. If I do something stupid, you totally have my permission to make fun of me!

Brooklet said...

I like it! That way none of us take ourselves too seriously- life should have lots of laughter in it!

Andre said...

I think you are funny!

JustRandi said...

but it's never mean spirited. That's why I like you.