Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Spirit of Good Sportsmanship

Although, I am glad for the winner.
She would have gotten my vote, ya know, if I wasn't selfish and hadn't voted for myself.
{holy crap I'm gonna be the best t-ball coach, ever!}


Chelsea said...

You are the best sport I know. Seriously.

I asked the winner what size she was, and she is not able to tell me because she only wears her husbands clothes!

goddessdivine said...

Fiddlesticks! Oh well.

Stephanette said...

Oh, Heather...I'm sorry. I was rooting for you, but at least you get a consult, right?

I'm trying to be better about that whole perspective in life thing.

tharker said...

You crack me up!

Vern said...

Aw, man! Bummer. Do you have any idea how many votes you received?