Friday, March 26, 2010

Life as we know it

consists of this happening this week.

~ finally finishing and submitting my makeover sob story... if (it's a big if)I get into the top 5 I'll be counting on ALL of your votes and blog posts {hint, hint} to help me out. You in?

~ feeling guilty enough to say "YES, I will coach t-ball since no one else can even if it means my son will be on a different team than last year with absolutely no one he knows." Awesome. It actually will be awesome, once I can get through the 50 emails that showed up in my inbox. It's exhausting already!

~ tax refund. Well I don't know if it can really be called a refund since we only paid taxes for 3 months of the year last year but who's keeping track?

~ eating delicious pumpkin waffles, Aebleskiver batter turned into waffles because I don't own one of these, zucchini pancakes, and making homemade buttermilk syrup all in honor of International Waffle Day yesterday.

There's more but life is calling me, or maybe that's just the timer on the dryer. Gotta run. Enjoy the weekend!


JustRandi said...

Did you say pumpkin waffles?

I'm IN!

(post the recipe!!)

Sara said...

Ok, holy smokes lady you always have a full plate of activities and things happening in you life. Have a great weekend.

goddessdivine said...

Dude, I do NOT envy you with the t-ball thing. I'm so sorry.

tharker said...

I'll totally vote for you! (not that I think you NEED a makeover, but man it would be fun!)

Pumpkin waffles...YUMMO!

Stephanette said...

You can count on me....I'm all for the homemade buttermilk syrup. Although I'm really partial to French Toast, so I often skip Waffle Day or make it French Toast Day. Is that some sort of sacrilege?

Vern said...

What do you say you, Randi and I have a little waffle party?

Brigette-boo said...

you are one busy woman! I tried to repost that picture just for you! hope you day is fabulous!