Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Biggest Losers

Jeremy recorded The Biggest Loser for me since I was going to be late last night. So as we sit down to watch it Jeremy tells me about the amazing spinach and artichoke dip his sister dropped by today. This is what I love about myself and my dearest Jeremy.

We proceed to pull out the spinach dip (at 10:05 I might add) and while we're at it get out the egg nog and Oreos (double stuff to boot). We both were laughing at how bad we were for snacking (horribly) during the show. We are such dorks!

In my defence, I only had a few crackers with the dip, watered down the nog with some milk, and foregoed the Oreos completely! So, I might have saved myself a few calories- but no shame.


Eliza said...

you are too cute...Bryan and I do the same thing...last night we pulled out the artificial crab and pure butter to dip it in...the snowy weather doesnt seem to help myeating habits either!

Jackie B. said...

We were eating dinner during biggest loser (which i love the show)...i think i should apply for the next one. :) So i think i was feeling guilty, because i didn't go get seconds nor did i have dessert, which i normally would have. LOL.

Alicia said...

Heather, Bill and I do the same thing! We have laughed several times when we realize we're sitting there watching these people work their rear ends off to lose weight and be healthy while we're downing Ben and Jerry's.