Sunday, November 26, 2006

Well, since we're all talking about it...

I figured everyone else divulges all their terrible mommy moments I might as well shed some light on my recent folly.

Saturday night Jeremy and I were wanting to watch DaVinci Code. We had rented it before Thanksgiving and had yet to get it anywhere near the DVD player. So I'm trying to put Kaden to bed so we can get crackin on this show.

However, Kaden is a little tricky to get to bed these days. He has to have the blankets just so. He can't have any sheets or comforter touching him. No, those have to be pushed to the bottom of the bed and only the 7 fleece "soft blankies" he has can touch him. There are two favorites his "ball blankie" and "star blankie". Those are the two most requested blankets to keep him cozy at night and during naps.

Well on said night I pushed the sheet and comforter down, put ball blankie on and properly flipped star blankie over. The stars on the blanket have to be facing up at night and down during the day (ie nap time).

Jeremy and I get the movie going and only a few minutes into it we hear the cries of Kaden. So we stop the movie and Jeremy goes up the check on Kaden. When he comes down you'll never believe what he says to me.

"Why won't you flip his blankets over?"

My thoughts are 'what are you talking about. I flipped the star blanket over, what else is there?'.

"He's up there crying because his mommy won't put the balls away. I've had to go change it the last few nights because you won't do it right."

Apparently, even though I thought I was being the best mom because I was patiently giving into each of my childs crazy demands, I haven't. I have been leaving a step out and leaving a sour taste in his mouth. The ball blanket has to be face down at night and face up during the day- which I have been neglecting-BECAUSE 'we put our toys away when the stars come out'. Talk about a crappy mom- I can't even get the OCD requests right.

Lins I don't know if Carson can come over anymore if he's going to teach Kaden to be so particular about weird stuff, I'm not sure how much more I can take.


PRP said...

That is hilarious! You are such a patient mommy! My head would come off of my body if I had to have that much patience. Thanks for the lesson.

meohmyers said...

I was hoping for a moment more along the lines of "I made my child poop in a bag." Or "I passed strep throat along to an innocent family." Maybe even "I recently watched my child swallow a foreign object." You're worse mommy moment has nothing on me.

Lindsay said...

Okay, you are crackin' me up! Even before you mentioned Carson's name, I thought to myself, "That is something Carson would totally do!" Maybe this is why Kaden and Carson get along so well!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just need some nice plaid blankets for poor Kaden so he can turn his little brain off and finally get some rest around that place!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Heather, that is crazy. A little scary, I have to admit. But you are very patient. I would say it was a good Mommy moment, because if that were me, it would be a bad Mommy moment. ie, "It doesn't matter, you won't even know when you fall asleep, now quit crying and go to sleep."
Mother of the Year award, here I come.

Stacia said...

You know you need to take a pic of his blankies and scrapbook these "needs" he has to get him to fall asleep. :)