Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hit Counter

I installed a hit counter on the top of the page...just for curiosity's sake. I'm sure it won't be accurate with the added hits from myself checking my blog for comments, but its all in fun.

And speaking of hit counters, I wish that we could install a hit counter on Brynnlee. That girl is getting a little crazy. Kaden is pretty patient with a sister who insists on beating the crap out of him regularly. Her favorite tactic though, is to sit on Kaden's back and proceed to yank on his sweet red hair. Poor guy, his face is sooo sad when he looks to me to rescue him from his monstrous sissy.

Jeremy told me Sienna was throwing herself out of her stroller the other day (which Brynnlee is a pro at) so at least that is some consolation. Maybe Brynnlee isn't a maniac- just acting her age. Or at least acting like Sienna, so I'm not alone in my plight.


Alicia said...

Too funny. Not only is the younger one beating up the older one, but the girl is beating up the boy! In our family (since we don't have anyone younger) it's Payson who is always beating up Macy.

nicole said...

poor sweet Kaden! Nicklaus used to sit on Tyler's face all the time! I love your hit counter BTW.

Eliza said...

I remember sitting on my older comes with age! good luck on that...dont you just LOVE the counters? Way to go Jackie for sharing!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Sienna wasn't just throwing herself out of the stroller...she looked like she was trying to committ suicide by strangulation. It was horrible!!

The counter is super-cute. Maybe I should switch me. Tell Kaden to hang in there!

Jessica said...

It is amazing how much Tia and Brynnlee are alike, you have a little Tia on your hands! You poor thing! When your next one comes Brynnlee will pick on that one too! I guess it is all part of that middle child syndrome!